Restful Day

I’m trying to not get angry at myself for being sleepy.  I know it’s the disease and side effects from the medicine. I went back to sleep after dropping off my youngest and then ate lunch. washed my hair, and am just getting around to doing this post. So sorry to be late.

I am reading a sequel memoir to another memoir. Both are by Harrison Scott Key, who grew up here in Rankin County and now lives in Savannah, Georgia, I like the second one better than the first because he examines himself and his writing process as the subject of this sequel and that’s not something I’ve seen before. At least not as savagely done.  He is really hard on himself in this book.

Anyway. I need to write my research log today and turn it in tomorrow along with the required number of essays. I also need to pay my tuition today. So I will go put that in the mail this afternoon. Then I will try and do my story for MCIR until it is time to go pick my youngest up. Depending on how that goes when dinner is tonight and what else I can accomplish this afternoon.

I don’t like sleeping a lot but at least my schedule allows for it now. Sometime next year I’m going to start drafting the sequel to my thesis and look for an agent to see if I can get any kind of deal, We will see.

I guess I will run and write my tuition check and see what can else can be done this afternoon, Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe from the virus. Godspeed.



Insanely Sleepy

I just can’t seem to wake up at all today.  I sat down during the singing at church because I felt myself starting to go to sleep on my feet and didn’t want to fall over. I barely got out of bed on time to go to church. Soon I’ll be cooking lunch and we will see how that goes.

The sermon was really good today. It was about taking control of  your mind and not letting it go down dark paths. I am going to start doing some of those things and see if I can’t rid myself of this free-floating anxiety that has come back.

Bob doesn’t feel well today–his congestion is really bad so he stayed home.

I did some writing on my thesis yesterday–a family story that was just bothering me to death to get written down. I got it wedged in between two chapters and will see what my advisor thinks abou it.  I need to finish up my MCIR story, but I am so sleepy I’m not sure anything I typed would make sense.

Tomorrow the kids all start in-person learning every day. I hope that the traffic mess-ups can be kept to a minimum. I really dread it. But she will be back in school which is were she needs to be, learning what she needs to learn. I am glad of that.

Haven’t heard from the other two so I assume everything is going well in their spheres, I guess I need to run fix lunch, so that’s all for today. I’m not sure what I’m going to do tis afternoon. Maybe just scroll and goof off. Or take a nap. We will see.  Hope every one stays safe from te virus and stays well. Godspeed.


Slow Saturday

Just woke up so trying to formulate words this early in the day, This Vistaril keeps knocking me out. I slept all afternoon after picking my youngest up yesterday.  I almost didn’t get supper going in time. But I’m certainly not anxious anymore. So it is doing it’s job.

Need to finish up my telehealth story. It’s been kind of frustrating with all the sleepiness. But maybe I can finish it off today and they can get the photo shoot set up.

Kind of empty of words today. I guess I’m using up my daily allotment on thesis stuff :). I made one change, but I think I’m going to go back and restore it and refocus the next chapter that I have to actually write out. I removed the need for those two chapters with the changes and I can just focus on one thing in the next chapter I write instead of spreading out the attention on several stories.

I guess I will stop there. I need to get on with the rest of the morning. Hope everyone is safe from the virus and stays well. Godspeed.



Been working my way through that story. Not done yet but getting there. I let time slip up on me without posting so here I am!

My youngest goes back to school on a regular schedule next week. We will see how this goes.

I’ve been weird-feeling all morning.  Wanting to go back to bed but not sleepy when I try. And kind of scatter-shot concentration. The weather certainly isn’t doing anything for my mood with the remnants of the hurricanes still overhead. I’ll be glad when they’ve both made their way away.

I’ve actually been handling the hurricanes fairly well,  I am staying away from the news coverage and all that. Praying for the people.  Trying to keep busy with other things,

That reminds me.  I need to finish Bob’s laundry this morning. I guess I will go get that going again. So much to do and so little interest in getting it all done.  We will see.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and stays safe. Pray for the people in Louisiana. They’re going to be hurting for a long time.


Writing and Revising

I’ve taken all my advisor’s suggestions and incorporated them into my manuscript, so that has made for a busy morning. I’ve tried to find a way to go beyond them but pretty much followed the script most of the way. I guess that means that most of it is pretty solid that I turned in since there weren’t any radical changes she wanted me to make. I know later on I’m going to make some significant changes on my own in the manuscript because there are large parts of the story I’ve skipped over to get to the “meat” of it–when I was diagnosed and such.  But those parts are important too.  So I’ll include them this time.

My youngest goes back to regular school next week, going every day. I am kind of glad–I know this schedule has been hard on the teachers. So we will see how it goes. I know mine will have trouble adjusting to going to school everyday, and I might too; having to take her in to school everyday will be interesting. With all the kids coming back at the same time, the car-rider line is going to be its own kind of special mess.

I feel pretty good this morning, like I usually do when I’ve spent serious time writing. I’m going to look back over what I’ve revised to turn in next week and see if I can anticipate some of her questions. We will see.  Hope everyone is having a good day and staying safe.



Waiting on Feedback

My advisor said she would read weekly assignments on Wednesday so I may hear something this afternoon or tomorrow on my two essays I sent in. We will see.

We’re not getting the rain they predicted from the two hurricanes in the Gulf here in the Jackson area. I think that’s great. They were nasty down south, but none for us just yet.

I rewrote two more essays yesterday. Tweaked them mostly, only one significant change to one of them. I added a scene to one about my uncle dying young and how that was my first real introduction to death. There’s something bothering me about the other one, but I can’t put my finger on it. I’ll have to do another read-through and revision before I turn it in.

Today I hope to finish up our follow-up story on mental health telehealth use.  Maybe we were able to dig a little deeper this time. We will see.

Hope everyone is well and doing well today. I have a lot to do today so I will talk to you lovely people later. Thanks for reading!



Thesis Work

Turned in the first two essays and my first research log for my thesis. I’ll go ahead and get to work on the next two essays and work on my book annotation, since I finished the first book last night.  Fun times!

I’m just glad to soon to get feedback I can use to make it even better.  I’m going to revise as I go–as soon as she sends me the line edits, I will start implementing them into my master copy so that I’ll have the entire thing revised to send to her at the end of the semester. So I am excited about that.

I’m going to add a separate essay about the mental health history in my family.  I’m going to put it after my essays about my mom and dad. So I will have more or less completely new material there. Looking forward to that.

I’m just glad I feel up to writing today. Yesterday my mind was occupied with something else, which is why I didn’t write. And I slept all day yesterday.  Trying to get used to this Vistaril is going to be harder than I thought.  But I guess I will just cope with it.

My hair is already outgrowing this hairstyle.  I woke up with it all sticking out everywhere this morning and had to wet it a good bit to get it settled down.  But we will see how it goes. I get it cut again on September 22, my fiftieth birthday,

We will get outer bands of the two hurricanes hitting in the Gulf.  Nothing like we experienced during Katrina. I’m so glad it won’t get up this far this time. We don’t need a new reason to close the schools.

Guess I will get to work on the next essays already. I think I’m going to add new material to my childhood chapter as well. I am coming up with all kinds of ideas to stretch out the material I have. I am just glad my creativity is still here.

SO I hope everyone does well this week and that life just keeps rolling along  They’re telling us that the virus is slowing down in America–the increases are getting smaller and not as many people are dying. That counts as good news in my book. Hope everyone is staying safe. Godspeed.


is making me very sleepy again. I slept all afternoon yesterday after we got in from lunch; so not much of note happened yesterday. I am back into the reading and I will have enough material to turn in Tuesday for my research log to go with my essays. We will see how it works.

I need to cook lunch in just a bit so that will be taken care of pretty much. I’m not sure what else I’m going to do today–may just go back to sleep anyway. Bob and my youngest one are going driving so they will be gone.

And I think it’s giving me dry mouth too. I am sucking down water. Which I guess is good for me. But uncomfortable while it is going on. I will admit I am feeling better.  No more panic. But I don’t want to be a zombie ether. I will give it a month and see how it is doing me then I will see if I’m going to stay on it.  

Back to Zoom school for my youngest tomorrow. I will write my little research log bit for class then Tuesday turn it all in. See what happens.  What I think I will do is revise each installment as she sends it in to me and prepare the next installment the next week as well.  Try to stay busy with it so I don’t get so lazy.

The sermon was so on point this Sunday –How to deal with the aftershocks of a great tragedy in  life.  A lot about COVID but could apply to any huge shakeup in your life.   First there’s the big event, then lots of little fallout events that follow it that remind us of the big crack-up. I found it very enligtening.

Guess I will run and cook lunch. May have cornbread and butter beans with the chicken.  That sounds good. Hope everyone is being careful of te virus.  Have a good week!



Satruday Session

Tillie wanted to see me today instead of waiting until Monday. So I am going to see her about my crying fit Thursday, I think I am going to ask her an important question:  is it okay to feel the feelings and work on finding a good exit strategy to get out of them when I’ve had enough? Or should I be working at trying to avoid these upsetting things altogether?

So we will see what comes of that.  Dr. Bishop added Vistaril to my list of meds–it’s used to treat anxiety and tension but can make one very sleepy since it’s actually an antihistamine that is also mixed with other drugs to get one ready for anesthetics for surgery,  I went to bed yesterday afternoon after taking it and went to sleep. I hope I don’t do that all the time. I have work to do.

I FINALLY started reading last night.  “The World’s Largest Man”.  About a fellow growing up in Rankin County with a dad that thought the country would be good for his boys.  Not this boy, it wasn’t.  And I see why so much of the Mississippi intelligentsia liked the book. It makes fun of Mississippi  people.  I don’t want that–I want the humor that comes from telling the truth but in a slant-eyed way. Not making fun of my people but just telling the truth about them–which can often make for something funny..  So we will see what we get out of this.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I hope I don’t have any more scary episodes. Stay safe from the virus.