Bob’s Sick

Bob has kicked off his annual rite of getting really, really sick in the fall a little early–usually he doesn’t start getting ill until Thanksgiving, but this year it hit at Halloween.  He had a severe coughing fit this morning to where he couldn’t even stand up.  He called in sick to work so I know he felt bad.  He can barely talk without coughing, so we are leaving each other alone for the most part.  We will see how he does later on today–I think I will run out and get him some Nyquil to try to control the cough.

Class went well today and everyone was agreeable to working together in groups.  I made sure each group had al least one person who was known to me for reading the material and had them each read a scene out of the play we were studying, The Importance of Being Earnest. We talked about Wilde and his life then I had them read aloud in parts the important sections of the play.  So that went well.

I am sleepy but not as bad as usual. I think I will be able to stay up and take care of Bob.  I need to do some more laundry but am not sure I will have a lot of time–I am finishing drying a load and have a wet load in the washer so I will need to do something with that load soon  Not sure I feel up to sorting out the load that is drying.  We will see.

Emotionally I’m still even keeled even with Bob sick  Usually that sends me into a tailspin of anxiety, but I’m handling it pretty well right now.  I hope he doesn’t get worse or he will have to go to the doctor and get steroids for his lungs.  He hates that because it makes him have the munchies.

Hope everyone has a good Halloween and get lots of candy to enjoy over the start of the holiday season  Happy Wednesday!



So Today Has Been Good

It’s been a good day even with me going to the dentist to begin it.  They said they didn’t see any work that needed to be done extra so set up for me to come back for a cleaning in a few months.  So that was a good start.  Then I went shopping for Christmas presents at Barnes and Noble and came up with some ideas for myself, so that was good as well.

Then I went to lunch with MJ and we had a good visit.  We talked books and politics and other topics of interest.  We always have fun when we get together.  I enjoy visiting with my friends.  I’m still trying to get up with Marlo to visit and we should work out something soon before the holidays.

I am just feeling so much better than I used to.  I feel up and not so sleepy and more positive and not so inclined to look at the day negatively.  I dont’ know if it’s a function of the good weather we’ve been having lately or of the new medication I’ve been on but my mood is generally good and I am not preoccupied or worried or obsessed with anything.  I really feel good about that.  I’ve spent so long living with fear of what was just around the corner.  I don’t feel that any more. It feels good not to.

Here’s  hoping that everyone reading is feeling good, too.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we will all find peace in the coming holiday rush.  Happy Tuesday!



Busy Weekend

Bob finally got his new vehicle–it looks exactly like his old one until you get inside it and see the updated electronics.  It even still has a CD player in it, so that will be nice on trips.  We will see how things turn out for my oldest and my middle one moving this holiday season and put the 4Runner to good use.

Mississippi State won their game this week against Texas A&M so that was a lot of fun to watch Saturday night.  We cheered and yelled at the TV the whole time.  So we enjoyed watching that.

My mom and dad came down to visit.  That was all right.  We went out to lunch with them and I went shopping with my mom for some Christmas happies.  Then we came back and my dad went to sleep on the couch and we and Mom talked for a while.  So it went well as far as it could.

We packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in Sunday School on Sunday–each couple brought a toy, hygiene item, or school supplies to go in the boxes to send overseas.  So that was a lot of fun.  We had wanted to do it as kind of a party/social but the scheduling didn’t work out.  So we just did it together and had a brief Sunday School lesson after it.

SO today class went well.  We talked about the Brownings, Elizabeth and Robert.  Read “My Last Duchess” and again had to go line-by-line explaining it to them when the whole story was told in a bibliography footnote at the bottom of the page.  I said, “Read your notes at the bottom so you will know the story next time. ”  BUt it’s a good poem to read and work your poetry muscles out on.  So I enjoyed it, whether they did or not.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  Have a good MOnday!

PS:  Just discovered that I have hit 5,031 total visitors and 15,012 hits over the life of the blog.  Four years of blogging and reaching that many people with my message of hope and resilience.  I hope that everyone who reads comes away with hope for themselves and their lives.  Thanks to all my loyal readers!



Not Much to Say

TOday has been a slow day so I don’t have a lot to talk about.  I am waiting to hear from my professor about my latest iteration of my play and will work on it next week hopefully finishing it and getting it revised and nailed down for the final version.  So we will see how that goes.  Hard to believe we’re so close to the end of the semester already.

I must have slept wrong on my neck–it hurts badly to turn my head either way.  I may try some meds to ease the pain down a little.  I have laundry that needs doing but I will get to it when I can.

My younget has a Halloween party to go to tomorrow night  Hopefully she will have fun–it’s her Sunday School class doing it, which surprised me a bit,  But I think a little girl just wants to have everyone over–it’s not sponsored by the church I don’t think.  THey are also planning a Chirstmas party so that should be fun as well.  We ‘re hosting our class’s party n December so that should be fun.

I put together a jazz/oldies mix for our home stereo.  Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and the soundtrack to Ocean’s 11. I’ll have to turn it off when Bob gets home–he does not share my affinity for music of that period.  Which is fine.

It’s just all be-bopping along well for right now.  A good feeling to have  Hope everyone has a good weekend.



Evened Out

I really seem to be in a good place right now with my bipolar.  I’m not obsessing, I’m not depressed, I’m not manic, I’m not mixed, I’m not freaking out about anything.  I am coping pretty well with the house, schoolwork, teaching, and writing. I am having an impact with everything I am doing, and I feel good about it.   I wil need to go to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up for the weekend, but I think it will go well–I have a good idea what I’m going to buy and fix for everyone.  THe laundry is  pretty caught up, and Bob seems satisfied with everything that is going on.

I have really worked hard to get this kind of stability in my life.  I feel proud of myself for continuing to work on my issues even when they seemed unresolvable.  I know that the ultimate healing is in depending on GOd for my health, but I am doing everything I’m supposed to be doing to help myself–taking meds, going to the doctor, and seeing my counselor.  Things may change between now and the end of the year, but right now I feel like I am in a good place.

Here’s hoping that we all can find stability and hope during the upcoming holiday season.  Thanks be to God for all of his help and abundant mercy,



Good Morning!

I feel pretty good this morning.  I am here for office hours and have had a good day so far.  We had a good class this morning with various and sundry students participating.  Of course, we talked about Byron who is always interesting if salacious.  Gets their attention.

Had a kid send me an email that he overslept.  I love it when they are honest about why they miss.  It happens.  I told him to get the notes from someone in class so he can catch up.  He’s one of my better students so that was odd for him to miss two days.  But he was honest and said it would not happen Friday.  So maybe he will buy a new alarm clock.

Dinner was successful last night so that was a good feeling.  We eat at church tonight so that will be good as well.  So difficult lately to coordinate everything.  I was such a confused person in the grocery store–I forgot some things but did get most of it so that was good as well.

My youngest found out that she did well on a big math test–her teacher told her she was “super smart” and only missed two questions on what I believe was a long, long test.  So she has seemingly overcome much of her difficulty in school and is succeeding.  She is even reading when given free time in her classes so that is a good thing as well.

Hope everyone is making it well through the week.  Happy Wednesday!


Car Verdict

Bob had the 4-Runner towed to a shop he trusted and they said the car was totaled.  I knew that, but he had some lunatic optimism in his head that it might could be fixed.  So he is officially looking again this Saturday.

Busy day–I went to the dermatologist and the grocery store.  Hopefully everything will work out for dinner tonight.  I am already worn out and it’s barely noon here  I have laundry still to do so that will be good to get taken care of . 

(The computer at the last second ate most of my post and I am not up to typing it over  Everyone have a good week!)








Long Morning

I wish I could have stayed in bed.  It is chilly outside and hot and stuffy in the office.  I am so sleepy.  I am better than I was in that department, but the hot office is making it worse than before today.  We will see how it turns out.  I think I will let the building manager know it is too hot in here.

SHopped for cars again this weekend, and we think we’re just going to buy an updated version of the same brand he had.  He is looking at trying to get it fixed and sell it to his brother-in-law  for one of his boys to drive.  That way they don’t have much in it if he wrecks it 🙂  So we will take care of that this weekend, I think.

My bipolar book is under review by my publishing  company that did my novella and I am all antsy to see what they say about it.  It may be a while before I hear from them, but at least I know it’s being read.  That is a blessing in and of itself.

Long day ahead–office hours until 11 and then back home.  I need to go to the grocery store and pick up dinner for the next two nights.  We will see how it goes.  I really just want to lie down when I get home–all of my joints are acting up in this cool weather.  I don’t know why unless I have arthritis setting in and that’s why they’re twitchy and achy.

Hope everyone has a good first of the week.  Happy Monday!


Finally Friday

So ready for the week to be over  I have a pop quiz to grade so that will be interesting.  But  the kids are really goofing off and I am getting tired of it.  So we had a talk this morning and maybe the test convinced them they need to start paying more attention.

I turn in a draft of my second scene this Sunday–no chance to turn it in early because this is residency week and I suppose he is too tied up in that to read papers.  I can understand that.  So I will turn it in Sunday morning and see what he will say about it.  And try to get feedback on it from people.

I’ve stayed awake again today so that is a good feeling.  I need to pick up medication this afternoon after I get my youngest over to dance class.  So that  still needs to be done.

So I need to do some reading and all to get a jump on next week.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Accomplishing Things

So now that I am more awake, I am accomplishing stuff.  I inp.  ut my grades, I’ve run Bob’s laundry, and I’m getting ready to eat lunch.  I like this feeling.  And I am down to one Coke a day in the morning.  So that is a good feeling as well.

I am kind of sad this week–the fall residency is going on at school and I am not there for it.  But hopefully I will be able to go this spring and get one more out of the way.

Bob gets his company car today so I need to help him get the rental car to the car place at lunchtime.  We spend yesterday afternoon hunting for a new car–we test-drove three yesterday  and each one had something that bothered him, so we will probably do some more shopping Saturday.

I am ready to start seeing some results in my writing–I have a lot out and did get another encouraging rejection yesterday, asking me to submit again.  So I did–this time I sent poetry! 🙂  So we will see how that turns out.

Well.  I think I will go ahead and eat so I will be ready to help Bob with the rental car.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!