My youngest is continuing to recover. Today is supposed to be her worst day for pain and then it’s all downhill from here. So we are still on schedule to go to Florida. My middle one has already left Indiana and we are waiting for an update around lunch to see how far she’s gotten. So far so good.

We are just goofing off today. I need to go pick up refills of meds before we go, and I also need to pack. Bob will pack tonight most likely. Just not a lot going on today. My watch I ordered with a gift card came in yesterday–it has a white face, silver trim, an,d a red leather strap. I like it a lot.

I just feel scatterbrained today. I just kind of want to go back to bed this afternoon since we don’t have a lot to do. My youngest has gone back to sleep, I think, so I am thinking about it too. I’m in a good mood so that is nice. I will go get my meds later this afternoon anyway.

I will not take my computer this trip so I won’t be posting until next week. I have my UPress interview on January 5 so I hope that goes well. Then a dentist trip and rescheduling my blood pressure follow-up. And the asthma and allergy appointment for my youngest that they called about last night. FUN!

I guess I will go ahead and make those calls. Hope you all have a happy New Year. Godspeed.


Newsy Day

My youngest sailed through her dental procedure yesterday–she was out of the office thirty minutes after they called her back. So that went quick. She has been a good patient–she hasn’t had heavy pain meds since she got home yesterday so that is good. She’s eating soft foods–pudding, popsicles, soup, milkshakes. We will stick with that until late Thursday and then we will see if she can have more solid food.

My story finally came out on MCIR this morning. I don’t know when it will hit the papers, but we will see what happens. I just hope it results in something being done about people still in jail who have mental disorders. More careful guidelines, etc. It’s a little too much to hope that these men pay somehow for their actions. If Hunt was still around, maybe there would be a case. But with him missing, I don’t see how anyone can have a possible actual case.

And my middle one threw up at work today. I hope she is going to be all right. She told Bob she was going to the doctor to see what was going on. I hope she can still go this weekend. I feel so helpless. But Bob said we would go up to Indiana the weekend after we get back from my oldest’s place and spend the night and come back Sunday. At least deliver her Christmas gifts. So that is the plan so far.

Just got off the phone with my middle one–they said she doesn’t have strep or likely doesn’t have flu or covid so she is going home with Zofran and sleeping the rest of the day and if she doesn’t keep throwing up and feels good tomorrow, she is going to come down to Florida. We will see what happens.

About time for me to eat lunch. Hope things are going well for your readers. I am holding up well so far and looking forward to getting together with everybody. Godspeed.


Dental-Procedure Day. My youngest gets her wisdom teeth out today. We are counting on her being out of commission until Thursday, then being better on Friday according to everything the doctor has told us. But they had to move our appointment–the original dentist has covid, so we have his partner scheduled for this afternoon. The original appointment was this morning, but luckily, they were able to place it on the same day. So we will see how it goes.

Got my dishes in today. I am going to switch our place settings from multicolor to strictly yellow. So I used my Belk cards to order three yellow Fiestaware place settings that were on a sale of buy-two-get-one-free. So I will buy another batch with my next Belk card and then be done.

For some reason I am very anxious about the dental procedure. I don’t know why–my other two had the same procedures and made it fine. Maybe it’s just my standard anxiety coming back, and I have forgotten what it felt like. I don’t know.

Sigh. I think I may need to take my anxiety meds today. Let me see if I feel better after my lunch meds. Hope everything goes well and that everyone is preparing for the New Year. Godspeed.


So Bob went back to work today, but he’s very tired. I don’t remember waking up with him or anything so I wonder if he didn’t sleep good and I just didn’t realize it. I went to my eye doctor this morning and he said everything looked good for my vision–I noticed that I read small print better than I have in years. I have one contact lens for distance and the other for near vision and it is finally working as planned. So that was nice.

My youngest is supposed to have her wisdom teeth out tomorrow but they had to switch her appointment to afternoon because her dentist has covid. She will have another dentist for the procedure. So that was almost a big mess, but luckily, they were able to give us an appointment on the same day. We go to Florida on Friday to see my oldest and her family.

I am in a good mood but sleepy myself. I went to sleep once I got back from the eye doctor since they had dilated my eyes and I wanted to not overstrain them by trying to type or work. So I got some extra sleep. Now I am trying to wake up.

Shopping for books with gift cards is fun. I feel better about taking a chance on a book with a gift card than with money–since i didn’t pay for it, I don’t feel as bad as I would if it didn’t work out. So I use the cards to spread my wings a bit. Shopping for other stuff is harder, since I want to get the exact right thing with other cards. I don’t know how to explain the difference. 🙂

The next few days are going to be hard with the oral surgery my youngest is having. Even if there is a reason why it was done, I don’t lie seeing my kids hurting. We will see how it goes. Hope everyone has a good day today. Godspeed.

Day After

We just came back in from our usual run to shop the winter sales. I had a bookstore gift card and bought four books and three boxes of Charlie Brown Christmas cards. So that was fun, as was our annual ornament shopping at Hallmark.

We had a lovely Christmas Day with Bob’s family–we got gift cards to restaurants, we o also books, specialty potholders (mine were Charlie Brown and Bob’s were Star Wars), clothes, and other assorted odds and ends. We ate well as well so we have leftovers for days. We’re going to be doing great on meals. I took a nap when I got home. I am wondering about taking a nap when I finish here. We will see.

We went to church this morning and heard a good sermon on the star of Bethlehem, which astronomers now think was a conjunction of Regulus and Jupiter that happened on September 11, 3 BC. And the wisemen arrived on December 25, 2 BC. So that was amazing to hear this morning.

My middle one is feeling better and so is her friend. We will see if she is able to come to Florida. We are looking forward to seeing her. We Facetimed my grandson and oldest one on Christmas Day at my in-law’s–he was cute and very active–he tried to kick the phone out of his mom’s hands. Very busy little fellow.

Hopefully we can all continue to be well through the week and get down to Florida on Friday. We come back on Tuesday. I hope everything goes well. We have a lot of presents to stuff in the back of Bob’s SUV. But it will be fun. My middle one and youngest will finally meet the baby in the flesh, and they are looking forward to that.

I suppose if I am taking a nap, I’d better go do it. Hope everyone has a good week this week and recoers well from the holiday.

EDIT: Listening to one of my Christmas presents–the Elvis Presley number-one hits albus on vinyl–Bob’s present. It’s such an unbelievably crisp sound! I am so used to hearing fuzzy recordings because the records are so old now, even on CD’s since they’re recordings of fuzzy records. But these seem to have remastered beautifully. Reminds me all over again of how gorgeous his voice actually was even when he got older. Love, love, love.

Christmas Eve

So we left early, early for Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. We had a good time. My sister’s little boy was ill again–they said he had been up all night and hadn’t slept. But he got happier as they opened presents so that was good. I got several gift cards and a whole set of Charlie Brown merchandise–a rug for the kitchen and an ovenmitt set as well. And my lovely sister got me a Coach gift card so I can go pick up a sale purse at the Outlet Mall. So that was great! 🙂

We are so sleepy. I napped all the way down from Fentress. Bob tossed and turned last night and made me be awake early this morning. And my youngest acted sleepy as well. But we managed all right for the trip and had good conversations, etc. Daddy seemed interested in the book I picked out for him–a memoir of the Vietnam War written by someone who served with his unit so he may actually recognize some of the places the author wrote about. Everyone seemed to like all of their presents–so that warmed our hearts, too.

Everything we ordered finally came in today! we had been told some would be backordered until January so it was a surprise to get the last gift today. We saw the mail carrier delivering to someone’s door–she was wearing a Santa hat and a Sexy Mrs. Claus dress to deliver the mail. Very, very giggle-worthy..

I’m cooking a big chili recipe tonight–Bob brought some Tex-Mex foodstuffs to the house that my father-in-law can no longer eat. that his parents had been mailed by a friend. A big recipe of chili mix, a tortilla soup mix, and a jar of mild salsa were in the box. We’ll eat half the chili tonight, the tortilla soup tomorrow, and the rest of the chili for Sunday lunch. Very good.

I suppose that is all the news I know. Hope everyone has a good night, and I will update tomorrow. Love to all.


Can’t write today.

EDIT: So I have settled down some. My middle one and her boyfriend are not going to make it for Christmas. He has covid symptoms and she is scared that whatever he has, she might bring it down if she comes by herself. She was so upset. And it hurts us, too, but we want them to know to do what’s best for everybody and right now, that is the best choice with my father-in-law just getting out of the hospital and all. But we said if everything goes well, we will see her in a week in Florida anyway so we will just haul the presents down there and do them then. We let the grandparents know ourselves and told our oldest in case it turns out that she can’t come there as well.

Coming Home

Well, when they went in to check my father-in-law’s heart, they didn’t find a blockage. So no stent. They did see damage to the heart muscle that they are putting down to the chemo he is on, so they are going to consult with his cancer doctor to see what to do about that. He is supposed to be released today at some point. This not having a blockage is such a relief to the family. But there’s going to be some hard decisions made soon about his treatment. We have made multiple offers to help out with Christmas prep to his mom but don’t know yet what she might need for us to do. We will see.

Got some good news yesterday–I sent two pieces to earlier, and they have accepted one for February 2022! That was exciting to hear. It will be a nice tag on my resume to publish with them.

I’ve rested all morning. I guess I needed to. Trying to not get anxious or stirred up about what all is going on. My middle one starts traveling tomorrow to come down here for Christmas, so I am excited about that. We go see my mom Friday and back here Christmas Eve night, then Christmas Day morning at home, then lunch at Bob’s parents’ house. We have solid plans for it all. I need to go back to the grocery store for what all I forgot yesterday so that will be interesting.

My mood is good and all I really need to do for Christmas still is baking. One present to wrap–it’s so big I am tempted to just slap a bow on it and carry it unwrapped. It’s for my mom. But I may try to find a big bag for it instead.

I suppose I need to run and get on with my day. Hope everyone is preparing their hearts for the season. Godspeed.


Bob’s dad is supposed to have stent surgery this morning. They hope it will alleviate the heart issues he is having. So we will see what happens.

I found out yesterday that my oldest has found my blog and is keeping up with it. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I feel proud that she is taking an interest in my work, but I don’t want to start censoring what I say here. I tell all kinds of things here. I suppose I just need to pray for guidance every day in what I say. I already do that to a point at times, but now I suppose it needs to be every day.

My story hasn’t run yet–I wonder if they are going to hold it until things settle back to normal after the holidays. My editor said something about running it past the lawyer so it may be there until the holidays are over. We will see.

I feel pretty good this morning. I don’t really have anything much pressing that I need to do today. Candy and Christy come today, and I need to give them their Christmas presents. I will find out if they come next week or if they are taking off. I am so glad to have them in my life. They are such a blessing to me and to the family.

I suppose that does it for today. Godspeed, everyone.