New Year’s Eve

I found other things to do yesterday so did not list out my accomplishments/whatnot.  But I do plan to take time to do it today at some point and so will post them when I do. We are going ot the new Star Wars movie this afternoon so I will likely work on it tonight.

We slept in this morning  and just got back from lunch. So now we are just killing time until the movie.   I am feeling good this morning–still taking it one day at a time with giving up the Cokes again. I’ve only had two since Christmas Eve. So at least I have cut back.

My mood is holding better today than yesterday.  I go see my counselor the seventh of January and my psychiatrist the twenty-first.  Hopefully I won’t need any med changes this year. I like my regimen I am on now and am used to it.  But always open to change if I have a downhill slump.  I am going to try to stay on top of anything that might slide me down.

But I will wind this up.  I am glad that in 2019 I did not go to the hospital.  I am glad I am so close to finishing my degree. and I am glad to have my family around me as I make my way through life.  Goodbye 2019 and hello 2020!




That’s how I feel this morning.  We had the weekend off without kids and Bob was really too sick to do anything.  SO we stayed around the house except to go out and eat.  SO nothing really to report from the weekend.

ANd today I just feel bored and disconnected.  I’m not sleepy so that is good.  It’s one of those days where I wish I could think of something to accomplish but I can’t really.  Not that there’s not stuff to do around here, but I don’t want to do that kind of stuff.  I just want to work but I don’t have a project lined up to do.

I could read.  Or I could take stock of the year and think of new “ways to continue improving”, which is what I do instead of making resolutions.  I think I will do that. First I make a list of successes, accomplishments, and goals met, then I make the list of ways to continue improving.  NUmber one accomplishment is that I stayed out of the hospital this year.  That is always a plus. I can think of others once I put my mind to it.

My younger two come home at different times today–my middle one is already on the plane to Atlanta and my youngest should be on her way home with my parents by now.  I expect we will eat out for lunch with my parents once they get here. So we will see how that goes.

It’s a pretty day today so that always helps my mood. I am feeling somewhat optimistic at least.  Not dragged down.  SO that is a plus as well. Hopefully my brain can fill up as the day goes by.  Hope everyone is set for a happy New Year!


Rainy Friday

So now it is warm and rainy.  Hopefully the rain will stay light long enough for my daughter to get to Atlanta then NYC.  We will see how it goes.

I’ve been trying to sort things out around the house but it’s so much to do it’s a little overwhelming.  I think I need another session with Candy and Christy to help me get it into shape for the new year after my middle one gets moved back out to GA.   Maybe Jan 3 or Jan 10.  After my youngest and I get all the Chirstmas décor put away.

I really want to go back to sleep.  But I’m up and going to do something to stay busy.  Maybe it will just be reading–but I need to be doing something other than trying to sleep.  I had a good time shopping again yesterday afternoon with my Amazon cards from my sister.  I got a CD rack for my office and a Harry Connick Jr CD.  So that was fun.

SO let’s see if I can get more cleaning done.  Hope everyone has a good post-Chirstmas weekend!

After-Christmas Shopping

So we went out and did our typical Hallmark ornament buy this morning.  We also went to Barnes and Noble and I got six CD’s for $25 which I thought was a great steal of a deal, especially with a gift card for that amount.  We ran into Belk’s and got my youngest two Christmas tops for just under $17 and then went and ate at Simple Burger.  We had just a really successful trip this year.

So now we are home and writing thank you notes or everything.  It’s been a really nice Christmas with good fellowship and truly very little stress that was holiday related.  I’ve been really even keeled and happy  when I”m supposed to be happy.  I am sad for some people–my brother-in-law’s grandmother and my college roommate’s brother both died on Christmas Day.  So those families are sad. Something like that around the holidays is always sad.

My middle one flies out tomorrow to go to New York City with her friend Danielle and is trying to work out when she is going to show back up to GA for her last co-op semester.  She will be in school after this trying to finish up her degree.  We should finish up at about the same time.  So that wil be nice.  I do my last class this semester then start thesis hours in the fall.  So much fun.

I suppose I need to start tidying up some.  But nothing too urgent.  I’m just goiog to take it easy like I usually do and not run around too much.  My youngest goes out of town too to see my parents for a couple of days  so Bob and I will have the house to ourselves.  We will stay occupied I think.  Hope everyone has a good day and makes good memories for the season.



Christmas Day

So we have had a lovely Christmas so far. Bob got me a lovely Lenox china Christmas music box that I’m going to keep out all year long on top of my china cabinet. My parents got me an office chair for my new office that’s going to come together in February, and all my girls got me books for Christmas and so did Santa :).  So I have even more reading to catch up on during the break.

It’s sunny outside which is nice. No snow or rain in the forecast, so we may get a bit warm before the day is out. But we are going to my in-law’s house in about an hour so it won’t be any trouble to travel.

I feel good this Christmas.  I don’t always.  But this year I do and I am glad of it, even with missing my oldest. Lovely. Hope you all are having a good Christmas as well.

The Day Before Christmas Eve

So today I am waiting for my children to come back home.  THe middle one and the youngest went upstate to go to a party at my mom’s house with all our cousins on her side of the family.  It was too late at night for Bob and I to go and come back here so Bob could work today. We are still fighting colds, both of us, so it’s best that we stayed home anyway.

So we watched movies some while we stayed at home.  I just watched a little bit–I don’t really like too many movies so I just came in and out occasionally while he was watching them.  I worked on my story I’ve been hitting licks at this semester and will be starting on the complex section next.  So far it is going well–we will see.

I hope to hear from our oldest today–it’s her day off and she was going to celebrate Chirstmas today with her boyfriend. They were going to open presents and what not.  So hopefully she likes everything we’ve sent her.  Hopefully the last of her packages comes in today–it has cards for most of the family for Chirstmas.

So I need to go take my medicine and do other morning stuff.  Hope everyone has a great week and a merry Chirstmas!


Throat Infection

Was the diagnosis, although now I’m coughing with a runny nose as well.  But I got a shot and an antibiotic pill set so we will see how it goes.  My throat is not as raw as yesterday and the earache is already better so that helps.

I’m waiting for my youngest to come home from school this morning and my middle one to come in late this afternoon.  We will see how they are doing.  I am going to try to get the youngest to help me make cookies for  Christmas and see if my middle one will cook dinner tonight with me.  I am feeling more like doing stuff but think I will need help.

Got to look at page proofs for an essay being published early next year. Saw one typo in the bio information but everything looked good beyond that. So that was nice.

I guess I will go lie back down and rest some more.  Hope everyone has a good weekend leading up to Christmas!


Feeling Yucky

I do get to go to the doctor today and hopefully I can feel better by the weekend,  Not much is going on–I need to pick my youngest from school early today so that will be interesting.

My mind is pretty blank so I will sign off now.  Hope everyone has a good slide down to the weekend.


Sore Throat

I have a bad sore throat and earache and tiredness so of course I can’t see the doctor until 3:15 tomorrow. I don’t even want to eat it’s so sore. I had box chicken noodle soup for lunch so that helped me eat. I will have to see what we’re going to do for dinner because I don’t feel well.

I just woke from taking Nyquil earlier today so we will see how I feel in the next little bit. I saw my eye doctor before that and that went well.

Spoke to my oldest today while Bob was here during lunch.   She sounded in good spirits–her and her boyfriend are going to celebrate Christmas Monday when they are both off and she will open presents we shipped her then.  Hope she enjoys them all.

WEll I may just go back to bed.  Hope everyone else avoids getting sick and enjoys the holidays.