I talked to Tillie about some rage obsessions that had come on me while my oldest and her family were going through the whole homebuying-process/fiasco. I fell into one while they were flailing around trying to find something, anything they could get approved for in July, and another one while the banks were taking so much time to process the checks we sent down.

They were very similar to the rage obsessions that had put me in the hospital last year at the end of my manic phase last year, when I finally felt it spiraling out of control. These don’t feel manic; I don’t feel manic, but Tillie says they sound like a manic symptom to her. She wants me to talk about them with Bob to see if he has noticed anything else strange lately. She said they seem to be born out of frustration and helplessness for me–but that anger is always a covering for fear. So.

I’m not doing it anymore, but it seems to be a pattern for me and for characters in my fiction–that they can solve their problems through suicide or homicide or threatening either. Either threat gets attention paid to the problem at hand.


Today has been pretty good–I’ve just seen Candy and Christy this morning, then gone and seen Tillie and then taken Bob to get his car at lunch and he took me out to pizza since we were on that end of town. I’ve been really busy, and I can feel it. I’m very tired and out of sorts. I think I am going to lie down for a bit.

Hope everyone can be safe and careful with the virus. Godspeed.


Woke Up Better

I talked to Bob last night and he was a good listening ear about my anxiety and reminded me that he had my back. So that was good to hear so much of the anxiety has passed on. I’m not quite in as good a mood as I was before seeing Tillie, but I think I’ve bounced back some. Maye I can get some work done today too. Finally turned in my MCIR story last night. Don’t know how good it really was, but it’s finished. I expect her to send back with some questions–I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t. But maybe not.

Had a bad string of weather yesterday and last night–tornadoes in different directions really messed up parts of the state. God bless, we were safe and so were mom and dad. They’ll be back with my youngest one soon–sometime after lunch today. I think she has enjoyed her time with them. Then tomorrow night she sleeps over with a friend before a flag guard contest so we won’t see a lot of her this weekend either. But she is young and having fun. That’s what we want.

So many things to catch up on since I took yesterday off. I need to do laundry. I will be cooking tonight since my youngest is here. But I still feel super tired from not resting well. I may continue to goof off this morning and get it in gear after lunch. I don’t know. I’m about tired of making promises to myself and to people since lately I am invariably missing the deadlines. I don’t want to wear out people’s generosity. I like deadlines–they spur me on, but obviously not as much as they used to.

So we will see what happens today. It’s such a murky day out–I hope the sun comes out again soon. I need it.

Love to all. Thanks for listening.

Dark Mood

For once I went to my therapist and came away feeling worse than when I went in. And it’s continued. I don’t want to do anything useful. I just want to go to bed and stay. Over nothing. Just my exceptionally vivid imagination manufacturing scenarios in my mind and worrying about things that are never going to happen. Anxiety dreams. That I can’t get out of my mind. I can’t stop.

I need to turn in my revised process essay today and I need to finish my COIVD vaccine story. I don’t know how to get started with all of this rolling through my mind. I guess I’m just going to have to grind it out after lunch. I don’t know what else to do.

I’m going to eat lunch and hope that I can break out of this cycle after I take my lunch medicine. I just don’t know what to do.


I completely flipped out yesterday afternoon. I started crying and crying from all the fear and uncertainty and the feeling that I should somehow be doing better by my girls through all of this misery and pain in the world.  I wished they were home so I could protect them better. I realized that that was craziness, but I felt like that if they were all back under my roof, I could somehow help more. It wasn’t far from that to wishing it was 2005 again and I could avoid getting sick altogether.

I cried for hours until my youngest found me in the kitchen.  She insisted on calling Bob, and he came home a little early to help me settle down, call Dr. Bishop and Tillie, and take an early Klonopin. So that was how my day went yesterday, I have an appointment with Dr. Bishop at nine and never heard back from Tillie; hopefully she will call back this morning.

So suffice it to say I didn’t accomplish anything yesterday. I need to be reading and writing. I hate feeling so helpless; I need to keep working on leaving God’s business to him and not try to make him just do what I want him to do. But I was so sad and desperate yesterday I didn’t know what to do.

Hopefully I can get some help coping with all of this. I need the help.



Slept in a bit but not too much–I woke up at 8 a.m.  I woke up the first time at 6 a.m. and went back to sleep.  So that was nice. Not feeling pushed to get up by my mania. So I appreciated that.

Talked to Bob the other night once I got home about what I had realized was a core belief I had about not being worthy.  I went through the whole thought process and told him what I had realized/discovered. Then I asked him, “Now I need to know something. Do you think I am worthy?” He immediately responded yes, looking me straight in the eyes.  So that was good to hear. He did tell me that since I had been in this rut for so long that I would probably need to work to break out of it, and I told him I planned to do that working with Tillie. So that conversation turned out well,

I’ve got everything ready to start beadwork! I realized in the hospital that I enjoyed it so much that I should take it up out of the hospital. I bought the wrong kind of cord the first time and had to go back and switch it out, but it wasn’t hard to do. SO now I just need to open all the boxes and get to work!  I’m going to make bracelets to match all my casual outfits to wear with them through the summer. I’ll make the new bracelet the day I wear the outfit so I can match up all the colors.

SO I think I hear Bob getting up.  I lost two pounds in the hospital! I weighed this morning and found that out. I certainly walked the halls enough to do so.  I will go take my meds and get ready for the day.  Hope all of you continue to do well and stay safe.  Godspeed.


I Can Write More Today

Yesterday I was a little rushed trying to get everything back in order around the house so I didn’t write much except to update that I was home. I have a little more time this morning. As in early morning. I woke up with Bob with no real sleepiness so that is good.  I am going to ty to run errands, go to the grocery store for the weekend and what not, this morning. I’m going to hold off on work one more day to get things a little more organized.

I went in for extreme paranoia and manic behavior,  No suicide, no depression. So that was it’s own kind of bad but fairly easily resolved–that doctor upped my anti-psychotic and that evened everything out.  Unfortunately it was the expensive ones that I had just filled.  So I had to work something out with my pharmacy but was able to do that. So that was good.

I had a real lightbulb moment while I was there, though. We did a session on core beliefs-deeply held opinions that influence  your actions. The example given was “I am not worthy” as a negative core belief  and “I am worthy” as a positive core belief.  I looked at the paper that spelled all this out–and realized I had been working with a core belief that  I was not worthy.  Of Bob, of my kids, of anything good that happened to me.  That for a long time, ever since I lost my career as a freelancer, that I was no longer worth anything because I couldn’t contribute to the household and I was a burden on Bob and everything that went with that,

And I realized that that core belief was wrong and that I was worthy because Jesus had given his life for me.  And I realized i had to give up that core belief before it caused any more damage to me and my relationships. SO I am going to be working on this in therapy with Tillie and see what I can do to unclog it from my life.

So I guess that’s enough for today.  Thanks to all of you for your loyalty to the site and for keepig a lookout for me when I went radio silent there for a while. Hope all of you are staying safe. Godspeed.




Sorry I’ve Been Gone

I reached a point where I could  no longer manage at home.  I was paranoid and manic. So I went to the hospital on Monday and came back out today.  I just had my medicine adjusted to Latuda 80 mg and hope that it will continue to stabilize me.  I didn’t even feel safe at the hospital with COVID-19 and I felt like everyone was watching me and staring at me wen I first went in.  And I couldn’t stop pacing.  But I feel much better now and ready to continue the cause.  I thank everyone that was praying for me and thinking about me.  I so appreciate it.



I finally got so unnerved by how I was feeling yesterday that I called Dr. Bishop and got squeezed into his schedule.  I waited a good while to see him but I’m thinking it was a good idea.  He increased my Klonopin and took me off Abilify and switched me to Latuda, which I’ve never taken before.  I went to bed early last night after taking it and woke up to no grogginess.  SO that was a huge improvement right there.  SO I’ve done laundry and whatnot this morning and plan to take on my reading after lunch and try to concentrate on it.

I really like not feeling so sleepy.  That has been a huge improvement so far.  I go back in two weeks and hope that I  keep feeling good. He said if this combo didn’t work and I kept feeling so bad that the next step would be ECT.  That was a little scary of a thought, so I’m going to make it the best I can on this new medication and see how I can manage.

Pretty day out but chilly.  Some parts north are getting snow but that’s not us thankfully.

Let me be a lesson–if you’re feeling weird, talk to somebody.  Find a doctor that may have the answer.  Keep searching. Have a good weekend!





Still Bad

Still feeling worthless and tired.  I hope I can make it through class.  Bob has been so good to me, checking on how I feel.  I am thankful that I don’t feel suicidal–but if we dont’ get this arrested that may be where it leads eventually.  Hopefully Dr. Bishop can see his way to increasing my Lexapro or something to bring me out of it.

It is 28 degrees outside and I hope I can stay warm on the way to class.  I am wearing a big wooly cardigan I got for Chirstmas that should fit the bill yet still look professional.  We will see how it goes.  Supposed o warm to the 50;s so I will only need it this morning unless the wind stays high.

I am so mad at this popping up so early.  Usually January is  a pretty good month.  But not this year.

I need to get ready to go.  Hope everyone has a good weekend–I may come back and PS again with what we find out.

PS Dr. Bishop added Effexor back to my pill regimen and had me stop Buspar.  So we will see if that makes any kind of difference in my mood the next month.  I go back to see Tilie in a week and a half so we will see how that goes as well.  W talked about a lot of things and decided that some of it may have been buried frustration at everyone for how they acted at Christmas and since about things.  So I will try to work through that and see what I may need to do to cope better.