Finally Friday

So ready for the week to be over  I have a pop quiz to grade so that will be interesting.  But  the kids are really goofing off and I am getting tired of it.  So we had a talk this morning and maybe the test convinced them they need to start paying more attention.

I turn in a draft of my second scene this Sunday–no chance to turn it in early because this is residency week and I suppose he is too tied up in that to read papers.  I can understand that.  So I will turn it in Sunday morning and see what he will say about it.  And try to get feedback on it from people.

I’ve stayed awake again today so that is a good feeling.  I need to pick up medication this afternoon after I get my youngest over to dance class.  So that  still needs to be done.

So I need to do some reading and all to get a jump on next week.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Accomplishing Things

So now that I am more awake, I am accomplishing stuff.  I inp.  ut my grades, I’ve run Bob’s laundry, and I’m getting ready to eat lunch.  I like this feeling.  And I am down to one Coke a day in the morning.  So that is a good feeling as well.

I am kind of sad this week–the fall residency is going on at school and I am not there for it.  But hopefully I will be able to go this spring and get one more out of the way.

Bob gets his company car today so I need to help him get the rental car to the car place at lunchtime.  We spend yesterday afternoon hunting for a new car–we test-drove three yesterday  and each one had something that bothered him, so we will probably do some more shopping Saturday.

I am ready to start seeing some results in my writing–I have a lot out and did get another encouraging rejection yesterday, asking me to submit again.  So I did–this time I sent poetry! 🙂  So we will see how that turns out.

Well.  I think I will go ahead and eat so I will be ready to help Bob with the rental car.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!



Much Better

I can really tell a difference already with my meds being cut down. I am not nearly as sleepy.  So that is how that is going.  And still no obsessing.  So that is good, too.

Bob is starting car shopping today.  First he is going to clean out his ar at the car lot, then he will go looking for a new one.  I think he is going ahead and looing to see what is out there before buying n Saturday.  Which I think may be a good strategy.

My oldest is stressing out over work–she is worried that some drama that is developing may ensnare her since she is trying to not engage in it.  I am praying that it doesn’t and that she can get her full-time job nailed down soon.  We will see how this goes.

I have office hours today but no tests to give during them finally.  One of my students who was having difficulty in the class finally dropped my class so that will raise the class average a bit   I hate I couldn’t reach him with the material but I did what I could.

Hopefully this rest of the week will go well.  I hope so anyway

Not So Sleepy

I am feeling better already!  I saw Dr. Bishop yesterday and asked him to cut down on some of my meds and he cut the Trileptal in half.  I went ahead and had a Dr. Pepper this morning and I feel so much better than I did yesterday.

I feel much more hopeful about everything right now.  I have my scene to finish for class and have my classes to prepare for but it looks like smooth sailing for a while now. WE’re even a little ahead on our Chirstmas shopping.  So we feel really good about what is going on right now.

Bob is recovering from the accident–he didn’t take a pain pill last night and slept okay.  He said I snored even with the strip on my nose so that woke him up.  But otherwise he did fine without it.  So that was good news.

I guess I need to get to work.  Wish me well through the week an that Bob will continue  to recover.


Car Wreck

Well. Bob got his SUV totaled this weekend.  We were driving to pick up Rachel from dance and he was turning around in the road and got hit in the driver’s side door. Enough of an impact to ring his bell a little bit and set off the driver’s side airbags.  The impact pushed us down the road and blew out the tires on the opposite side from doing that.  I never saw the impact site so I dont’ really know how bad it was over there.  But he went to the hospital to have his arm,  shoulder, and collarbone x-rayed to make sure they weren’t broken.  So that was exciting on Saturday.i

(The computer just ate my post about the rest of the weekend, and I am too tired to type it all out again.  SUffice it to say Bob was bruised and banged up and I was fine except for being a little freaked out until Sunday night)

Hope everyone else has a good week and wish us well in megotiating with the insurance company.





Burned Out

I think I am truly tired of grading papers.  I only have twelve more and then don’t have any more to grade until the final, but I am so sick of doing it.  I don’t know if I will be off long enough to be excited about next year, especially since I won’t be teaching lit, I’ll be teaching Composition II.  Maybe I’ll find it easier.  I don’t know.

I am also frustrated with my playwriting class.  No one is responding to my posts for feedback on my work.  I know that they will be counted off for not participating, but that doesn’t help me work on my play when they don’t do the feedback they are supposed ot do.  We will see how this next round of feedback goes.

i don’t know if how worn down I am is another facet of my medication or something more interesting coming on.  Bob says I’m not acting depressed; he thinks I am just over medicated.  I think so too.  All I want to do is go to bed right now.,  But I have too much to do to try that right now.

I am going out to eat with BOb for lunch when he goes and picks up movie tickets for this weekend.   We’re going to meet at his office–I think I will take my clothes I am giving away and drop them off in their storeroom where they keep that stuff until they have enough to haul down. Hopefully the clothes can help someone else at the seminary.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Hmmm. . .

I have a decision on my hands.  I talked with the publisher just now and just need to pray and decide who I want to work with, this company or the company that published my novella.  I also need to finish revising it so it will be ready for publication either way.  Depends on how fast I want things to go.  Do I want to publish this quicker than I first intended or do I wait out until the thesis process and publish after that?  Lots of questions.

Bob’s office is terribly slow right now; all the other officers and many of their dealers are on their annual incentive trip right now so it is not very busy.  He was really restless at lunch and wondering how he was going to fill the rest of the day. At least he’s no longer in the generator business so he’s not working extra hard with the hurricane in Florida.  Pray for all of those in its path.

I am halfway through grading papers and really do not want to start on them again.  I need to though so I can be finished and give them back and not have to worry about grading over the weekend.  But I am so tired right now.

Wish me well as I work on these papers.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.