Out of Ordinary

I dont’ normally post on weekends but I am so excited to get my computer back that I am going to go ahead this Saturday night.  I’m listening to Christmas carols and waiting for my Sunday School party guests to come.  I have about an hour-and-a-half to finish the last-minute stuff so we will see how that goes.  But the house is decorated and the party areas are still clean and neat.  Me and my youngest ate lunch out and did the dishwasher and sink dishes as a final prep.  So now we just wait.

Bob got to GA okay and loaded up my middle daughter’s stuff.  Then they went to watch the Crimes of Grindlewald movie in the J. K. Rowling “Fantastic Beasts” franchise.  So they have had fun.

My youngest is   not too thrilled with this party planning–I think she thinks she will be bored around a lot of grownups.  But I thik we will manage to include her and let her have fun as well.  If worse comes to worse, I will send her into the kids’ den to play on her computer by herself if she acts out or is too bored.  We will see how it goes.

I am so proud of how I handled myself with all te stuff-stuff happening this week.  I go see my hairdresser o Tuesday–too late for this party but in time enough to look good for Christmas pictures.  I pick up my youngest one’s pictures Tuesday and put them in frames and wrap them, go to my eye doctor on Wednesday and meet MJ for lunch, then have Thursday to myself unti my youngest gets out of school.

I got all my class books today and will start those likely tomorrow and read as muh as I can before school starts again.  It’ll be interesting I think.  Learn how all of this is done.

I guess I’d better run do those last minute bits.  Hope everyone has a safe weekend.






Ready for Party

I do some last minute preparations for my Sunday School Christmas party today–clean up everything, dress my table, etc.  I just changed a bad light bulb in the kids’ den so that was the last of the maintenance sort of chores I needed to do.  Tomorrow I will mix up my drinks–punch and spicy apple juice–and wait for everyone to show up.  We will see how it goes.

We’re going to be without Bob–he goes to Carrolton GA to pick up things for my middle daughter to move home the next weekend.  Then it’s Christmas!  🙂

I am enjoying my reading again.  I can only read with my contacts out though, so I am doing most of y reading at night.  But I may soon break down and get reading glasses so I can read anytime of the day now that I have all this free time between now and classes starting.

My oldest is up to her usual tricks–she’s is not-on-purpose showing up the other chefs in what all she can do.   One chef she was working with told her to slow down so they wouldn’t finish early–and she was overheard by one of the head chefs.  So the other chef got in trouble and blamed my oldest for it.  So she is shaking things up as usual. I told her to be careful who she made mad and to try not to show people up so badly.  But I know how she feels.

Waiting on Candy and Christy to show up so they can help me clean. They should be here soon so I will stop typing a get ready.  Hopefully we can get done quickly.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Double Sigh

I am trying so hard to hold my temper with the computer people working on my laptop.  But I am about at the edge of my patience limit.  And my heat has cut out due to a damaged circuit board on my HVAC unit in the house.  SO I am deeply irritated with all kinds of mechanical devices today.  I am trying to be so nice and restrained dealing with the people because it’s not their fault I’m irritated.  It’s mine.  I have first-world problems and need to keep remembering that.

At least I am finished with school and with grading.  I am waiting on my new books to come in for my class I’m taking next semester.  I am also done decorating, doing Christmas shopping, and am waiting on one more gift from my oldest to wrap for my dad for Christmas.  She has been so good trying to buy gifts for us even though she won’t be home for Christmas to share it with us.  We are in her debt for her efforts.

Except for the irritation, my mood has held up well.  I’ve started reading to catch up on all the books I’ve bought in the past months and have been too busy to read.  O started one last night called “The Jazz of Physics” which so far has been an interesting read about how a boy went from the Bronx in the 70’s to being a physicist and writing this book.  I think it’s a good story so far.

I’m about to go get some hot chocolate and see if that settles my mood any more.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas preparations like I’ve enjoyed mine and has a wonderful Christmas/Advent season.


Last Class

Gave my final today and had a kid miss it so I am waiting around a bit to see if he shows up late–very, very late–but I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Had one student panic that he wasn’t going to graduate and I went ahead and graded his paper and he should graduate with the grade he made.  So that made him happy.

I need to run by Belk and get Summer my sister a final gift–she said she needs white towels and Belk is running a  sale on their good towels.  SO I am going to do that probably this afternoon.

Our heater is acting up so I need to get home and check on when the repair guy can show up.  He came by yesterday and fixed one thing but it’s still not heating the house like it’s supposed to.  So we will see what it is doing today when he comes by.

My oldest daughter’s big shipment of presents came in yesterday and I was not allowed to open it–my youngest did and brought me presents to wrap and she wrapped my present from the oldest.  So it is still going to be a surprise to me.  We will see Christmas morning.

Do my grading today and go get my hair fixed tomorrow and then relax until it’s party time Saturday night.  I am looking forward to just sitting around reading all Christmas. I went ahead and ordered my books for my classes.  I am taking two classes next semester–I found out that the lit class is illness and health memoirs.  I need that class so I can see what kind of contemporary memoirs are out there and how I can make mine marketable but unique as well.

SO I begged Bob to take it and he was a little skittish but said if I thought I could do it, he would go along.  So that is what I am doing next semester.  Once the books come in I will go ahead and read them during the holidays so I will be ahead of the game in that department.

I guess I will leave and just give the kid that missed a zero.  I need to be home working instead of just sitting around here waiting.  He already has an F due to absences but he can appeal that ruling so he should have come and taken the final to show good faith that he is trying to pass the class.  But he didn’t and I have not heard form him.  So there it is.  Hope everyone has a good mid-week and pray for me grading all these finals!


I am typing after the short work party we had here at MC.  Everything was yummy and there was way to much food left.  My family will be happy that we have oatmeal cookies for a few days.  That will be nice to munch on occasionally.

I did all my wrapping until my oldest one shops and ships me more presents to wrap.  I have them all done up in boxes, bows, and bags.  Lots of fun particularly once I figured out a way to wrap that didn’t involve me getting down into the floor to do it.  That made it much easier to get up and down to everything.

Need to go grocery shopping and I think I will make burgers tonight.  Just something simple.  We will see how that goes.

I have been amazed at my energy so far today.  I haven’t had any caffeine yet.  Maybe it’s being so chilly is keeping me activated and moving.  Or anticipation for the party this weekend.

Cleaning off my table today was a revelation.  I have so many books I haven’t read  yet,  I will be happily occupied after getting papers graded tomorrow doing that from now until January when school starts again. I’ll still have regular stuff to do around the house but all the Christmas stuff is about done and I will see how things go after the party.  I may just be able to relax until it’s time to put everything away after Christmas. I hope so!

Well I suppose I need to head home.  I come back tomorrow for my final and hopefully the weather will hold and not be rainy.  Happy Tuesday!



My lap top is still at the computer doctor and I have not heard one word about it.  So I am getting a little frustrated. I am typing from school since I had to come in and get learned on the new course I am teaching next semester.  I am still not looking forward to it but at least now I understand more about what I will be doing.

Got all the tree and décor up so I started wrapping presents last night. I need to wrap presents somewhere other than the floor of the den because I can barely get up and down doing it.  I got about ten presents wrapped yesterday and plan to do more today when I get home.  Wrap the girls’ presents while they are still in school.

Had a really nice surprise on the blog yesterday–someone discovered me and read thirty-something posts so that was nice on a weekend day when I don’t normally get much traffic.

I have been getting lots of rejection lately but it’s been a better level–invites to submit again, etc.  So while the rejections are depressing, at least they care enough to ask for more at some future point.  So we will see what happens.   I am submitting about once a week so not too much pressure on myself and it limits how much rejection comes in at at time. 🙂

I suppose I need to get home and get cooking for tomorrow’s work party and wrapping while my youngest is in school.  Hope everyone has a good week and a happy Monday!

Early Final

I’m giving a final early for a student having surgery next week so that is why I am up and about so early.  I will be back Monday to sit down with the Comp II guy and figure that out–I hope my computer is fixed by then so I can lay out my syllabus while he is going over it with me.

Talked with a friend yesterday about how well I seem to be doing–I am staying awake, I am not freaking out about anything anxiety-wise, I am looking forward to the holidays, I’m not obsessing.  I am just in a really good place right now.   I pray that it lasts and lasts throughout the rest of the winter and the spring.  I will work hard on my end to make sure it does.

Finished with the Christmas cards and last night we finished the Christmas tree.  Next week we start wrapping presents.  My youngest has said she wants to learn how to wrap so I will be teaching her how to do it while I wrap other presents.  I will give her simple stuff like boxes.  She’s the only one of the three that has expressed an interest in learning from me.  I learned how to do it professionally when I was working retail when we first got married.  So that is a nice feeling to be able to pass that knowledge to her.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  We’re doing a Christmas  parade tonight and pictures tomorrow to give as presents again this year.  Then we are going to watch Ralph Breaks the Internet at the movie theater I think.  We’re just going to have fun!