So my youngest is doing a lot better and went to school today.  She still has a shiner but it doesn’t look as bad as it did yesterday. She got really panicky last night thinking that her stomach was going to start hurting again but  she calmed down after I crawled into bed with her and prayed for her.  I feel asleep in her bed and Bob decided to come get me.

I go to the dentist to see what is going on with my tooth today after lunch.  I’m not looking forward to it–I’m scared I’ll have to have another root canal or something.  I have spent too much in medical expenses this year already.

Hopefully everything will calm down here soon.  I don’t need the extra stress.



Bad Day

For my youngest, especially.  We went to get her allergies tested yesterday after her reaction last week, and she fainted off the doctor’s table into the floor after getting the samples.  She’s never done that before, so we were shocked.  She got a good goose egg on her eye, and she woke up last night feeling nauseated, so we went to the ER and they diagnosed her with a mild concussion.  So she is home today and I had to cancel on stuff.  No fun.

And I have a toothache.  I can’t be seen unti Wednesday so I am hoping they can give me an antibiotic to ease down the pain/infection/whatever and then check it out later in the week.

So we’re just not doing so spiff today. Pray that my youngest gets better and to calm her down as she is scared of being so sick at the first of the year.


Well. . .

My short story collection was turned down as being a set of stories for younger readers, like YA and middle grade.  I was a bit blown away by that, but I have a request out for them to look at the last novel I have left to see if they may be interested in that.  So we will see.  I asked if she would be interested in the other collection (the chapbook) and she said they didn’t publish chapbooks.  So we will see what she says to this.

I spent the weekend sick again.  I don’t know if I picked up another bug or if it was stress.  I am starting to wonder if both episodes were stress-related.  I have a appointment with Tillie tomorrow and will explore that a bit.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been sick at my stomach due to stress.  But we will see.

Going to go meet Jo in just a bit for coffee/brunch and will take my youngest to the doctor to explore if she has become allegoric to anything recently.  So I’m going to have some fun but then do a hard thing, too.  I just hope we find out exactly what made he so sick that time.

Here’s to everyone having a good week to start with.

Checking Boxes

So today I decided to embrace my bipolar identity in a writing submission so to see if it support my familygets me a better chance to publication and spreading the word about bipolar disorder.  I had the chance to fill out additional information about myself in my submission that might “impact” the publication’s mission to present “underrepresented” voices in their publication.

I feel so conflicted doing this.  I want to be read and published because I write well, not because I enable them to check the “disabled writer” box on their diversity checklist.  The story leaves no doubt that I am a member of the mentally ill community in that it talks about my first admission to the mental hospital.  But I thought I would reinforce my feelings about it with a paragraph that explained the tone of the piece.  So I did.  We will see if it does  me any good.

But on the other hand, I am so tired of being bipolar.  I so want to be normal, get a job, work,  support myself and my family, show my girls that it can be done, realize my dreams, etc.  And bipolar disorder took all of that away from me.  That frustrates me on so many levels.



Car Trouble

So my car has been acting up when I try to crank it.  It needed an oil change anyway, so I took it in and asked them to check the battery.  So they tell me that the alternator is cutting out.  I beleive them because we have been doing business with them for a long time.  So they have the car until they can get the part and get it in.  THey said it should be today so I am not much worried about that.

My middle one is home for a shorter time than we thought-she goes back Monday instead of Wednesday. So we are trying to enjoy the time we have together.  We will see what all we can get packed  and done today.

I am still doing really well waking up on time in the mornings. I just pray every night that God wil help me, and he has!

Bob is doing better today; he’s staying at work longer and doing okay so far.  I hope he feels better and can handle everything today.  His Dad came back with a report that his cancer may have spread but we are waiting on further reports to nail that down.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


I liked to have killed Bob last night with the dinner.  I  had bought a prepackaged Asian dinner–we had eaten that brand before but not this particular variety of dish.  I knew my youngest was going to be late coming in from school, so I chose something quick to fix.

It had fish sauce in it as well as anchovy. Bob got one whiff of it and immediately started an allergic reaction to it.  His throat started swelling and his breathing passages started clogging up.  He went and got a double dose of Benadryl, and I threw the food  out way back in the backyard, away from the house and cleaned the pots and pans I had used to make it by hand so he would not have to handle them. I went out and got fast food, and by the time I got back, he said he was feeling better.

But today he couldn’t even go to work.  SO he is here at home.    He’s not mad at  me about it–he was teasing me asking what he had done to upset me that much :).  But I feel bad just the same.

Hope everyone has a good day today.  And I’m going to READ THE INGREDIENTS LIST NEXT TIME.


I woke up on time again and feel really good this morning. I prayed again last night to be able to wake up on time and make it without going back to bed.  And I have.  So I feel good today.

So today is the first day of eighth grade for my youngest.  Next year she’ll be in high school.  Finally.  We will see how she does after she gets home.  I hope they get the bus route straightened out quickly because she wasn’t picked up until five until eight.  But that always happens the first day of school around here, so that is just a cross to bear until they get it all worked out.

SO I sent the stories off when the editor wrote me back yesterday morning.  I sent my short story anthology “This Side  of Heaven” to them.  I replaced “Looking for Home” with “Hurricane Baby” and that cut down the word count some but that’s what I had to do. I am really excited about this prospect because if they do a standalone book for me, I get money upfront and royalties on sales.  So hopefully they can get back to me and let me know something.

Hope everyone has a good start to the week and that things go well for all of those that have started school  this week.