We’re getting the leftovers from Hurricane Irma here in central Mississippi–rain and it’s chilly from the wind,  But it’s not too bad here, just raining.

I’ve gone off of caffeine and can certainly tell it–I’m so sleepy and tired.  I’m trying to stay awake but it is incredibly hard.  I’ve worked some in the paper that’s due next week and we will see how that goes.   I feel like I’m slogging through molasses in my mind, though.  Hopefully I will get over the withdrawal stage soon and start losing a little weight; leaving off the Cokes should save me 420 calories a day.

Days like today I hate living with bipolar.  If I didn’t have to take the meds to stave off mania, I wouldn’t be so dependent on Cokes, I could just enjoy them,  If it weren’t for staving off the weight loss that often comes from depression, I maybe wouldn’t be so heavy.



Happy Birthday to ME!

I listened in to my birthday present today–the first of a LOT of movie soundtracks of Elvis Presley.  I sang along to GI Blues on the way to work this morning, That made me very happy driving along and remembering watching the movie with Daddy.

I gave a test today and grades were somewhat better,  People did pull their grade up so that was good. The class average was still a C, which means it was a fair test.  Some gimme questions were interestingly answered–but answered correctly so that was all right.

I’m supposed to meet Janet for lunch at Half Shell Oyster House, so I am looking forward to that for lunch.  Seafood pot pie–yummy!

And my girls are coming hoem to celebrate my birthday with me Sunday where we go out to a really really good restaurant in Jackson called 1908. So I am proud to see them

And I’ve lost seven pounds since Labor Day doing nothing but cutting Cokes out of my diet and drinking lots and lots of water.  I get some exercise on campus but I’m still terribly winded with it.  I don’t know what to do about that.

SO here’s hoping everyone else is having as good a day a me today.  Have a good weekend!


Bad Night

Bob is still on his Decadron prescription and didn’t sleep worth a flip last night, so neither did I.  I am so tired this morning.  It was awful to get up with them and now I’m just dragging through the day.  But I’ve lost seven pounds since Labor Day on this non-caffeine diet, substituting water for it.  So that makes me feel good. I’m still way too heavy but having some loss while enduring this makes it more bearable.

Tomorrow’s my birthday and my mother -in-law wants to take me out to eat.  So that will be fun tomorrow. I hope this draggy spell breaks after my birthday–I usually have some depressive features around it but I’ve done pretty well this year.  I think it’s also that I’m excited about the present I’m getting from Bob so that helps :).

I give another test tomorrow.  I think I made it easier on them–at least I hope I did.  I don’t really like failing people.  But we will see.  Hope everyone has a good start to the weekend.

Back to Work

Bob went back to work today; praise the Lord he felt better.  I’m about to call him and see how it is going.  I have two students who want to conference with me about their grades, which is good.  SO I will be doing that this morning.  Good discussion this morning in class and I had them do a short writing assignment before they left to get them in the habit of writing quickly.

Got everything done for my W class and am getting stuff sent to me for the upcoming conference in my class.  I hope my teacher is okay to do this conference–she lives in Mexico. City that had the earthquake and none of us have heard from her.  I think I will write my department head and see what I can find out.




But not as tired as yesterday.  Bob is still home from work and trying to get better.  I am wading my way through school work.  I have one more discussion thread to comment on and I am through for the week.  We have had significantly more discussions in this class than I’m used to so that has been hard to adjust to.  I also had to turn in my craft paper  to my instructor  and my creative piece to everyone in the class so it has been a heavy week.  My creative piece gets workshopped next week in the conference.  SO we will see how it turns out.

I go see Tillie for my appointment and hopefully will feel better after that. I haven’t felt just awful but I am a little stressed about everything going on.

My blogs have gotten significantly more traffic these past couple of days so I want to welcome everyone that has been reading lately and encourage you to check out the archives for the beginning of my story as well.   Thanks for visiting!


Bob’s Doctor Visit

Bob has finally broken down and is going to the doctor.  He had a bad coughing fit when we went to the game, to the point that we had to leave with me driving home at night.   SO Janet is taking him to the doctor this morning and we will see what he recommends.

THis week is going to be rough with my W class. We have an essay due, I have a creative project due, and we have three discussion threads to answer to.  I’ve got the essay and the creative one done but need to get on the discussions as soon as I can.  But I am so sleepy right now I’m not sure I’d be coherent.

One more hour for my office hours then I go home and eat lunch.  Bob’s appointment is at 11 a,m, so hopefully we can get some good medicine in him soon and get him well–or as well as he can be.

Got an invitation to go to UMC;s Diversity Day again but am having to skip it since it’s on a Friday morning.  I hate it, but that’s part of having a job. I’ll be glad for it come payday.

I’m still trying to stick to my no caffeine rule but today it’s hard. I don’t feel as bad as I did Friday, but I can tell I haven’t had any today.  I go see TIllie tomorrow and depending on how Bob is doing is whether I go out to lunch with Jo for my birthday afterwards, I will have to talk to him about that.

Finally Gave In

and had Bob bring me a Coke home for lunch.  I have been such a zombie today.  I didn’t think I was going to make it to school driving because I was so sleepy.    THen I wasn’t sure how I was going to get home–I’m practically staggering to my car thinking, “I cannot drive like this.”  But I went slowly and made it fine and then got inside and laid down for two hours.

I’ve got loads of laundry to do to get ready for next week and we’re going to be gone all day Saturday to the Mississippi State game. SO I have to do some serious work this afternoon.  I am not looking forward to that,  So that is why I think I needed the shot of caffeine.

Bob’s all worried that it’s presaging a depressive episode.  I told him I didn’t; feel that way, just exhausted and unable to pay attention well.  So we will see if the caffeine hit works to get me through the rest of the day.



I’ve felt more or less awful most of the day.  I went and worked in the food pantry and did well there, but I got home and felt faint. I thought maybe I was just hungry but I ate and didn’t feel any better so I went and laid down and didn’t get up until the youngest one got home.  I slept through Bob’s lunch and everything.  I still don’t feel quite right but will need to fix dinner in a bit.