Dental Problems

SO my permanent crown came off Wednesday night after every one shut down for Thanksgiving.  I waited until this morning to tell Bob about it since there wasn’t anything to be done; I just ate carefully all Thanksgiving.  Tried calling my dentist after we came home and they were closed but scheduled me an appointment on Monday 2 p.m.  I tried my old dentist to see if he would do it and he was closed too.  So I am stuck eating carefully all weekend until I can get it put back on,  I am so tired of this business I may find a new dentist after this.

Went to try to order Bob’s Christmas present online and they are only taking preorders for it–it won’t be out until December 8.  SO I will just wait for it to hopefully show up by Christmas once I get it then.

THe baseball magazine I did a poem for has come out online so I am excited about it.  I didn’t win the top prize or get a finalist nod, but at least I am in the magazine  and will be in the compliation they do later so that is nice.

My nerves held up really well considering everything. We’re getting ready to put up Christmas trees and will see what we can accomplish to that end this weekend.  I’m looking forward to that.

WEll, hope everyone survives Black Friday today and have a successful shopping. We’re just going to stay home out of the madness.  Everybody have a good weekend.




I plan to start my holiday baking as soon as I finish typing.  Two cobblers and some chocolate chip cookies.  I got up early this morning to work on them so I will be done once Bob gets home and we plan to leave.  Need to finish packing as well–so I’ll be a busy, busy bear today.

I think I am trying to get a cold.  I’m hoping I’m wrong in that.  I just have a little scratchiness in my throat and a sniffle.

I am so sleepy.  It’s taking me forever to type this because I keep yawning and stretching.  I didn’t sleep good last night so am sleepy this morning. Bob must feel really bad because he wanted to go to bed at 8:30 last night.

Need to run to the grocery store really quick to get some ice cream for our trip and Nyquil for Bob to take at night so he won’t be so sick.  I’m also praying to see who I can bless today with groceries.  I usually do that at Thanksgiving and hadn’t found the right time/way to do it this year.  So hopefully I can today.

I’ll be not posting tomorrow but may resume Friday depending on how our trip goes.  HOpe everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving.



So Sad

Just made a very sad discovery about someone I know who needs prayers desperately. It hit me really hard to see her email about it this morning.  I do not know what to do for her except to  pray for her healing.

I had a good session with Tillie this morning, telling her about how well everything seems to be going.  I’m holding up well under what used to be a very difficult time of year.  But we will see how everything goes after this.

Bob is not doing well–he is badly congested and needs to be able to recover and he certainly won’t be able to do that at deer camp for Thanksgiving. But we plan to leave Friday and come home so maybe it won’t do so much damage to his system.

I;m trying to get laundry done and all before we leave.  I’ve done my classwork for the week and hopefully will be able to spend tomorrow baking for the trip. I want to do a peach cobbler, a blueberry cobbler, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  SO we will see how all  of that goes tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a very good THanksgiving week and remembers to do what we can for the less fortunate among us.



So once I finish office hours I am on Thanksgiving vacation.  It already feels like vacation since my youngest is off with her grandparents for the week.  We join them on Wednesday so I have projects I need to work on while she is gone.  We are going shopping tonight when one of the local malls is having their Christmas Open House early.  So that will be fun.

Things are going well so far this holiday season.  I started Christmas cards last night and got the office done so that was a good start.  Next I’ll do Sunday School people then start on the family ones.  I have some cards we bought on sale last year but I’m not sure they will be enough–I will have to find out.

So sleepy.  I tossed and turned and dreamed last night. Weird dreams, too.  But it was so hard to wake up this morning.  But at least I did wake up and got here and everything.  Most all of my students showed up so that was nice.  I gave a writing assignment to reward them with ten points on their grade.  So we will see how some of the others’ grades turn out.

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving week!





Very Busy Day

So that is why I have waited so late to post.  I had to read a lot today to catch up on my classes, both the teaching one and the taking one.  THen I needed to get dinner ready early for my youngest one who is going to dance now on Friday nights from 5-7:30 p.m.  Then I went to visitation for the father of friends out of our Sunday school class. So I’ve just now gotten home and sat down to type.

Tomorrow we go to the memorial service for a friend’s daughter that died a few months ago.  She died in New York of brain cancer, but there were a lot of people here who care about her parents who couldn’t go so they are holding a separate service here for her and we are going to that.

Starting a new list Monday on  Melinda VanRy is doing her list for the next month or so, so be sure to check that out starting next week.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

So Now A Slow Day

I haven’t done much of anything to accomplish anything today.  I went back to bed at 7: 44 a.m. and stayed there until a few minutes ago.  I was just sleepy even with having had a good night’s sleep.  THe only thing I really have to do today is a conference tonight for class, and it’s not until 8 p.m.  I also have to do Bob’s laundry, but I’ve started on it so that shouldn’t be hard to do before he gets home tonight.

I’m slowly working my way through the novel for class but it is SO HARD to read.  It’s a book called Hopscotch and that is how you read it, by hopscotching back and forth from the beginning ot the end and back again to read all the chapters that the author wrote.  It’s very frustrating and nonlinear and not how I like to read a book.

I need to choose the new series to start with on my 46ReasonsWhyNot blog. I finished Rob’s and need to start a new list.  I may do a “coming next week” post and wait until Monday to start it.  But I have to make that decision today.

So I think I will go into my documents/emails and figure that out this morning.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


Good Day

SO I did see Dr. Bishop yesterday and the visit went well.  He agreed that if I was doing well cutting back on my Klonopin that that was fine. I will have to start taking drug tests next time I come because the legislature passed some new rules about opiates and benzopadines–it seems they’re being taken together causing opioid deaths. SO I have to take drug tests to show I’m not taking opiates as well.  So that is a downer but you do what you have to do.

I spent yesterday afternoon trimming down my flash short stories into less than 1000 words each for a chapbook competition by Rose Metal Press. I sent in 26 pages of six stories and tilted it “Slience” since so many of them have to do with keeping secrets and silencing in other ways.  So we will see how it fares in the competition.  It was HARD trimming them down.  I like my words to stay the way they are, particularly my more voice-driven stories.  Cutting out words makes them all sound the same.

Have to catch up on laundry today.  Get my youngest one’s done and sort through mine.  Then tomorrow I do Bob’s.  I’ll have time off while my youngest is gone next weekend and Thanksgiving week that maybe I can get caught up on everything that I am behind on.  We will see.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!  Thanksgiving is coming up and I will take about a two day hiatus so be warned of that.  Thanks for reading!