Feeling Better

My tummy trouble only lasted a day, so I am glad of that. We are’ rocking right along with plans; I have an appointment with Dr. Bishop this morning, so that will be interesting. I should finally be able to do the drug test this time– haven’t been to the bathroom all morning. So we will see.

I took my youngest to school today so the oldest can pick her up and they can get their nails done, then have the bridesmaid’s party tonight. They a going to do spa stuff then watch Disney movies and eat. My oldest will bring her home for her bedtime, then she will go back to her friend’s AirBnB and spend the night. Sounds like fun!

Bob sat up again for a little while last night, but not too long. He woke me up when he came to bed, but I don’t think it was super late. Hopefully he caught up more on his sleep than the last time he did this.

My thesis defense has been scheduled–May 30. So that is nice to know so we can schedule our trip up. I am looking forward to it! Almost done with everything! My only responsibility after the defense and reading is to have them printed up and to the college by the end of August.

I’m about to leave for my appointment so I need to stop here. Thanks for the prayers and for reading! Godspeed.

Hitch in Plans

My oldest woke me up with the news that she had seen sick at her stomach all night long. I had had a bout of diarrhea myself early that morning but didn’t think much about it. Then I had another one. I had to go to the grocery store, so i went as quickly as I can as soon as I could to just get the minimum.

I didn’t get in the grocery store good before I threw up on the floor. A very nice young lady came to me immediately, offered me water, a trash can, a place to sit once the immediate crisis was over. Another one took my cart and a list of what I wanted and went and got it for me and put it through the self-checkout when it was all together. I managed to do the check myself and the left. I took medicine once I got home, then went back to sleep.

My oldest decided that she felt better and is off running errands. So I just now woke up to come in here and type. I hope I’m like my oldest and it just lasts today. It just threw a monkey wrench into what I wanted to do this morning. Candy and Christy came and I t9ld them right when they came up and they decided not to take a chance on catching it. So I’ve missed them. We called Bob; he called to check on me after his dentist appointment then went on back to work.

We had a lovely shower last night–so many people that meant something to my oldest came. She got a nice assortment of needed things and some gift cards so she can go pick out more things–like sheets and towels and etc. She was SO HAPPY and I’m glad they came together to give her that.

I guess I will move on and get some lunch and drink more tea. Thanks so much for reading. Pray that I get rid of this bug and am fully restored. Godspeed.


I need to go out and do some shopping before the shower today, My oldest is out trying to find a dress to wear, and I’m going to Cups to pick up some Cups Gift Certificates for the local coffeeshop to give to the hostesses. So that will be a thing after lunch. I slept in this morning and Bob is not doing well at all. He is suffering from terrible insomnia–he’s had it once or twice the last few weeks where he simply hasn’t come to bed until late. Last night is the latest he’s been–I called out to him just before three a.m. and he finally came to bed. He says it’s nerves and he just can’t settle down. I feel for him at work today. He’s going to be a basketcase.

Events are moving along. The maid of honor comes in tomorrow and she is sleeping over with us while she’s here on our fold-out couch. I need to move my computer so I can give her privacy while she is here. But things are going swimmingly. The forecast has me a little worried, but we will just have to pray for the rain to hold off a day. I’ve done that before so I will do so again.

I need to go warm up lunch and eat then get going on my day. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading!

Late Late Posting

Sorry so late! We have had a big day today–my oldest came in about 8:30 pm last night from Florida, and we got her settled in for the night. Today we went to church and heard a really convicting message about reading the Word and learning from it as our primary way to learn about God and his plan for the world from Brother David.

Then we came in, ate lunch, then headed up to my mom’s for the get-together for my family (I forgot everyone’s birthday gifts and will have to give them out at the wedding). We saw people we have not seen in forever–my dad’s twin sister and her husband and daughter were especially good for me to see. We just had a great time laughing and talking that we just about forgot to open presents–everyone brought something, even if it was just a card with cash in it. My oldest aunt, my daddy’s sister Charlotte, sent a card and signed it, “Your Old Aunt”. My oldest remembers her from one of the last times she came to visit, when almost all of them were still alive except for the very oldest, Aunt Willie Faye. It was so much fun for me to see that all three of my girls were there and saw all these people who were so important to me growing up. And my oldest is right–from now on each time she comes up there will be one less because she will be coming up for funerals. So it was important to her to see them all at a happy time instead of all sad ones.

We got home and went out to eat, then my oldest just had to put her dress on for all of us to see. So that was fun–it was absolutely gorgeous and a WHOLE LOT of dress for how much she paid for it. It looks like a $20,000 dress with all the lace and tulle and stitching on it. So now we are resting up and I am just now writing!

I have felt good today. Having good things to look forward to so soon is just warming up my heart a lot. I’m so glad I cleared the table of my obligations before she got here to I can relax and prepare for all this excitement. We have a whole slate of activities planned to do with the wedding and I just can’t wait.

So I will end on that note and wish everyone a great evening and great upcoming week. Godspeed to all.

Slept LATE

It’s about 10:15 a.m. here and I just got out of bed. My oldest, as far as I know, is on her way here from Florida–she’ll spend the next two weeks in MS, one prepping for the wedding and the next having her honeymoon. So.

I did sleep all yesterday except for going out once and getting groceries and medicine. I wish, wish, wish this had not hit me this year. At least I went ahead and turned in my thesis before it hit. I can’t imagine having that hanging over my head.

It’s not depression, exactly. It’s apathy. Wanting oblivion again and don’t want it through suicide. So I sleep.

But Bob just got out of the shower and we have things to do so i will get ready. Hope everyone has a good day. Stay safe and get the shot.

Maybe I Will Accomplish Today. . .

My mom woke me up this morning calling so I didn’t have as long as sleep-in as I usually do. But it still is certainly nice not to have to go out into morning traffic every day. I’ve been playing around on Facebook and Twitter this morning so things have been slow.

I’d like to finish Bob’s laundry today and do a load for my youngest, then finish my article for bpHope blog. And I need refills on some of my meds. So we will see what we can maybe accomplish today.

And I think I will.

Rainy Day

It has stormed a lot today and everything is very, very wet. I just want to go to bed and go back to sleep–that’s how dark it is outside. Hopefully it won’t do this during the wedding. But that about a week and a half away–plenty of time to move this storm system out.

I’ve talked to my oldest twice this morning going over little details. The schedule most importantly. But I think we have it worked out. So I will now how to shop next week. Haven’t talked to my middle one so I may give her a call this afternoon after calling mom and getting the schedule right from her for Sunday.

I can’t get anyone to speak on the record about my topic for bpHope. At least, no one I have called has called me back. I am going to try LegalZoom and see if they have any advice/guidance/counsel. Try to turn something in.

Bob is home for lunch; they are having a stressful time at work. It’s busy season–usually. They have parts that need to be shipped on the manufacturing end that they can’t get for their products. So they have no inventory to send out to anyone. So sales are WAY down.

My mood is holding up fairly well for a rainy day. I need to run some laundry, probably Bob’s. Then I may take another nap. We will see. I need to run take my lunch medicine so I will end on that note. Thanks for reading!

Wedding Prep

My oldest called–she picked up her wedding dress from alterations and was excited about how it fit and how pretty it was. She is so excited about this wedding, even though they are already married. I really hope everything goes off without a hitch. Getting closer and closer.

Candy and Christy are here. We have been visiting and having a good time. They went upstairs to work on my youngest’s room. We will need to buy her a new bed; my middle one wants a full-size bed when she moves–she got spoiled by the queen size in her apartment. So that will just be one more thing we pay for :). We’re not remodeling our bathroom this year–not enough spare change. Which is fine. It’s not an immediate need.

My youngest drove to school today for the first time! I was so excited not to have to go out! The car has already made our lives easier–she drove herself to dance last night and drives herself to the band concert early tonight so we can come when it is time for parents. I love it.

My mood is holding pretty well today. I had trouble yesterday wanting to sleep all day. But I am feeling pretty good today. I plan to call various people today and try to get some balls rolling. I have been waiting on time zone differences to iron out and will start calling now that I am awake more.

I guess I need to sign off and see what I can get done. I am looking forward to today. That’s something I haven’t said in a long time.

Even Keel

Just rolling along.. I paid for getting the youngest her new car tag and renewed the one for my middle one early this morning. I was able to do it all through the drive-thru so that was a nice surprise. Soon we need to transfer title of my middle one’s car to her and out of Bob’s name before she goes to Indiana. That won’t be too difficult.

I feel really well this morning. I think I’m going to tackle my MCIR story today if I can get my source contacted. At least call his people and get the process started. Then search for someone who will talk to me about the money article for bpHope. I think I will go back to my Mississippi Christian Living clips and look for the guy who gave them financial advice columns. We will see how this goes.

Almost no one from our family is going to be at my oldest’s wedding. That hurts me. I know coming to Jackson is a long-distance proposition for some of them, but not for ALL of them. The only one that called immediately with a yes was Sunja and Dan. Kristi is coming, and of course, my sister and the kids, maybe her husband if he is back in town, and mom and dad. My oldest so much wanted to see our family there–that’s one reason it was done here.

Anyway. I guess I need to get some work done before lunch. Hope every has had a good start to a new week. Godspeed to all.