Day Three

Well, I made it through the dance competition this morning.  Both my girls danced and did well; I started hurting some towards the end but it was more like mild period cramps than anything else.  I came and home and lay down, and now I’m feeling better.  I plan to be lazy until my youngest daughter goes to a birthday party this afternoon and my middle one has her friends over to play games and munch.  So the hard part of the day is over, I think and I swing into next week hopefully pain free!  Thanks all of you for praying for me as I go through this recovery with just not very much to post.


Day Two

So I don’t feel as good.  I’ve been trying to be lazy as possible but had to go out and run some errands to do with activities tonight and I am now tired out and a little sore.  I’m not sure what else I’m going to do today except try to rest some more.  I don’t feel horrible, but just not as good as I thought I would be doing.

So keep thinking about me as I recover from this and that by Monday I’ll be ready to take on the youngest one’s birthday week!  That’s always fun.

No Narcotics, Day 1

So we will see how I do without the heavy pain meds today.  I have a slow day planned so as to not aggravate anything more than necessary.  So far it’s been a textbook recovery, too.  I haven’t had any bleeding since the day of surgery and am happy about that.  So far there doesn’t seem to be any interaction with my bipolar meds so that is good as well.  Hopefully all’s well that ends well. I plan to try to return to regular posting on Monday unless something happens. Until then, I’ll just keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks for all of you who have said you are praying for me, I certainly appreciate it and can feel them working,.  Have a good day!


Well. my doctor told Bob that my surgery was by the book; very simple and couldn’t have worked out better. I was a little shocked at being rolled into recovery–it didn’t seem possible that they were through already.  I kept asking if they were sure they’d done it.  They told me I’d be aware of it in about 10 minutes as they put more morphine in my drip. And they were right.

Bad night last night; they’d told me to drink a lot so I spent the night peeing.  Other than that, I’ve felt pretty good.  I’m about to take my pain killers and rest up for the rest of the day.  Hope you all have a good day.

Today’s The Day

So I’ll have my procedure done midday, around 12:30.  We have to be there at 10:30 for  al the preop stuff, getting admitted, getting prepped, etc.  Can’t eat anything beforehand and I’m handling that pretty well so far except I’m sleepy from not getting my daily dose of Dr. Pepper 🙂  Bu I’m feeling pretty good.  Last week I started getting anxious about it–hoping nothing would go wrong, wondering if I even needed to be doing it, wondering if once they got in there they found something REALLY evil to deal with. But I feel better about all that today,.  It’s just something I have to go through and get over.  So be thinking about me today while I’m waiting for something to eat 🙂

Light Posting

I may not be updating as much this week as usual–I’m having an outpatient procedure done tomorrow and am not sure how quickly I’ll recover from it.  I’m having an endometrial ablation done to correct my periods–I’ve been having trouble with them for about seven months now and this procedure was recommended for it.  It’s a step above a D&C in that it removes the entire lining of the uterus so there is no more tissue to shed monthly.  So that is the story so far.  I may be down a few days, or I may  be too high on painkillers to post coherently :).  We will see. Pray for me that this procedure will go well and I’ll be back on my feet by Thursday as they’re predicting.


These were the days before cell phones, so Darren had no way to call my parents  But some how Mom get it in her head that I’d had my own denstist’s appointment that day and was probably there waiting.  The desk called me to the phone, and it was my mom on the other side, telling me that my dentist appointment had been canceled and rescheduled to another day.  “I’m coming to get you in just a minute,” Mom said.

It was all I could do not to break down right then and there in the office.  I still wanted to run away; I still didn’t want to live at home; I still didn’t think my parents cared about me—except I could tell mom had been crying before she got on the phone.  I was angry that my plans had been disrupted and I was going to be going back home after all.  But I held back those tears of frustration until that night when I was supposed to be going to sleep. If she ever figured out that I had tried to pull a stunt like running away, she never let on.  SO I escaped punishment but still had a long time to go before I could leave home


I went down to the dentist’s and went in the door, which dinged whenever someone opened it.  Darren was one of the people to look up, and I motioned to him to come outside.  I don’t know what kind of look I had on my face, but he knew something odd was going on.

I sat down on the hood of his car and talked about why I was running away from home—my parents hated me, everyone at school hated me, I hated myself, and I thought I’d be better off somewhere where nobody knew me and I could maybe get a job and start all over again.  (Never mind that I didn’t even have a Social Security card, much less a driver’s license.)

He asked me all the sane and rational questions.  “Where are you going to stay?  What are you going to do when your money runs out? $30 isn’t going to get you very far,” he said.

“Don’t you think your parents will miss you?” he said.

“They’ve got Summer (my sister) to worry about.  They don’t care about me,” I said.  “No one does.”

Of course I was hoping for the response, “Well, I care about you,” but I didn’t get it.  Instead he asked me to come into the dentist’s office and sit in the waiting room and wait for him to get done, then he’d get me back home.  So I did.

Disappearing Act

But most of my high school experience was spent in heartbreak and longing for someone I liked to like me back.  The most drastic step I ever took to get a guy’s attention was the time when I was in ninth grade and decided to run away from home.  I had saved up $20 (that was a lot of money to me then), packed a purse with a change of clothes, and resolved to catch the bus out of town that night going to Columbus.  As a part of my plan, I hitched a ride to Moore’s, a popular hangout spot, with Darren, my major crush at the time who was three years older than me.  He dropped me off and went on to the dentist’s office, which was just around the corner.

I stayed at Moore’s sipping on a fountain Coke and checking my watch every ten minutes.  I meant to stay at Moore’s until it came time to catch the bus that night.  Considering I’d gotten out of school at 3 pm., I had a long wait ahead of me.

What I didn’t know of course was that my mother was frantically searching for me when I wasn’t on the bus when it came by my house.     Why it took so long for it to  occur to her to look at Moore’s I’ll never know.  But once she did get around to it, I was gone—around the corner to the dentist’s office to talk Darren out of another $10 I thought I could use while I was running away.