Grading Papers

Graded my first set of papers last night.  It wasn’t as depressing as I was scared it would be at first–I had to fail some people for not citing their sources properly right off the bat and I wondered if they were all going to be like that.  But they weren’t, so that was a nice surprise by the time I finished.  I actually gave a few B’s and one A as well.  So it was a mixed bag altogether.

I’m always scared to grade the writing because it is so subjective, and I don’t want my moods to influence the grades I give.  I don’t want to inflate grades in a manic state nor grade too harshly if I’m depressed.  Right now I’m in a good place so it wasn’t as nervewracking as it could have been.  I hope they understand my comments and why they made the grades they made.

Also went to my follow-up appointment for my surgery and was medically cleared–she said everything looked fine and for me to let her know if I had any more problems!  I don’t think I will since this week is time for my cycle and I’m not having one 🙂  SO I believe the surgery was a success, glory to God.

Continue to pray as I search for direction on what to do this next year. I’m trying to build up the blog, do more press on it, and decide if I’m going to continue teaching or not.  I’m just in a waiting game right now, looking for God’s direction and not seeing it very clearly.


2 thoughts on “Grading Papers”

    1. Thanks! I really think the surgery is going to be one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I’m so ready to move on with what God wants me to do–I just wish he’d reveal his plan a bit more quickly. But I’ll learn trust from it, I’m sure. We will see.

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