Being a Mama

So this morning we sent my youngest off on her first overnight field trip by herself.  I could not sign up for it since they wanted the commitment to go in December and I had no idea what school would be like at the time of the actual trip.  So she is going by herself to Space Camp in Huntsville AL.  I feel a little guilty about not going now that I know my class schedule, but nothing I can do about it now but pray that she is safe and has a good time.  I know I:ll miss her while she’s gone, but she is rooming with one of her good friends and the friend’s mother, who is a good buddy of mine also and knows my youngest well.  So she is in good hands as far as I am concerned.

I’ve stayed up even though we got up at five this morning–the Dr. Pepper Bob brought back from their breakfast is probably why.  But I feel really good today.  I don’t have anything pressing to get done–I’ve finished the laundry, finished all my schoolwork, have meat out for what I plan to cook tonight–so I think I may try and do some serious writing.  Don’t know what I’ll write, but that’s kind of what I have on my mind to do today.



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