Making Progress

Already making progress on submitting things in the new year–I’ve sent out five submissions so far.  We will see how things go.

I coughed a reflux cough last night.  I was up until 3:30 or so trying to get to where I didn’t; wake the house up coughing.  The frustrating thing is that I would quit coughing and then go to bed and once I relaxed enough to go to sleep, I would start coughing again.

The two oldest are trying to pack up with stuff to go back to school and to the co-op job.  THe middle one is a little bit of a wreck over it and doesn’t want my help.  I think reality is setting in for her

Hopefully my class will make and they will be good students.  I am waiting on four more to sign up but would welcome more than that.  Enough for good discussions.   But I will just have to wait on that.

I am still stuffy as well but not as bad as earlier.  i think I am on my way up from all of that.  Now fi we can just get Bob healthy too that would be great.

Here’s to everyone shaking off the winter doldrums and having a happy January!


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