Trying to do all my reading this week so I can respond to the class discussions.  I started last night after finishing everything else and got an okay start.   I need to check the syllabus and find out how far to read for this week before I start commenting,  So far I like the craft book we have to read.  Then I need to start on the memoir for this semester. So that will be interesting I hope.

We have a class meeting tonight and will see how that goes.  One girl in the class is on the European continent (!) and we may have to rework times so as to accommodate her.  So we will see.

It’s raining AGAIN.   This is August in Mississippi, not November.  I don’t like so much rain.  It depresses me terribly, makes me so sleepy and all.

I did finish my article on the Mississippi Book Festival and am sitting on it a couple of days before I send it off.  Then I will reread it and see what I think, then send it off. Hopefully it will be good for them and what they want.  I’ve enjoyed doing it an hopefully can bring some people in from other places to come see us.

I’m also still working on my fiction piece–I want to title it “The Sins of the Father” but I’m scared that will give too much away about the outcome. I’ll need to think it over.

So hopefully it won’t rain all day like yesterday.  I need to stay awake and get things done.  Hope everyone else is having a happy Tuesday!


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