National Pepperoni Pizza Day

So Bob and I are going out to lunch to get pepperoni pizza today!  I’m looking forward to it–something to liven up the day.

Then I’ll go grocery shopping for food this weekend.  THe State game is at 3 p.m. so we can go out to lunch Friday too.  I meet a friend of mine for coffee at 9 a.m. tomorrow to interview her for a story I’m working on about mental health, so that will be fun as well.

Got a good report yesterday from the doctor about my shingles–looks like they’re healing properly and I’m not having the pain with them afterwards that some people do.  They just itch now, which he said meant they were healing up.  So that’s the way that went.

I follow up with my eye doctor Monday about them to make sure they haven’t affected my eyes. So that will likely tie up my morning that morning.

Sunday is my birthday–we’re going to eat lunch out and really celebrate next weekend when my middle one can come home and visit. And I’m coming up on my blogiversary as well, so you’ll hear a little more about that from me next week.

Hope everyone has a good weekend–I feel better than yesterday and I suppose that’s all I can ask for.  Thanks for all the good thoughts.



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