A Scare

Yesterday my son-in-law called Bob and said that he was going to meet my oldest at the hospital; she thought she was in labor. Way too early for that. So she got there and got checked out, then released for the night and she went to see her regular doctor today. She was not in labor, but the baby had dropped. They expect her to have the baby within 30-45 days, which would put it some time in August, a month earlier than they were expecting. So now we are playing a waiting game. She is supposed to be on bedrest with limited activity. She has to talk to HR and get on their short-term disability plan so she can continue to get paid through the waiting time.

So I have been kind of on a high wire all day long, praying the baby would make it full-term and be safe if it came early. I haven’t done much of anything because I have been so stressed out. But I finally went to the grocery store just now and got Waygu beef hamburgers for tonight. I am looking forward to that. It’s just been being a long day being on pins and needles. But she and the baby are all right so that is what I am holding on to.

A lot of people that went to camp with my youngest have turned up with COVID-19. She says she was not in the cabin where most of the victims were in, so she should be safe. But it’s taken down like 20+ people from our church. I hope everyone recovers fully and well.

I guess that is all today. Pray for my continued stability with my oldest and her family–they are still looking for a place and that has been hard. Thanks so much for listening. Godspeed.

2 thoughts on “A Scare

  1. My thoughts are with you and your family. I am sure it is very hard on you and her but I am sure the baby will be fine – try not to worry too much.


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