Candy and Christy

Just wanted to write a little tribute to two blessings in my life, Candy and Christy.  They are the ladies who come and help me clean my house.  I used to have a cleaner so I could work, but now I have a cleaner because I cannot handle the whole house anymore.  So they come once a week and help me clean.  Not only do they help me do the physical work of it, they encourage me spiritually as well.  They attend the same church I do, an we talk  about the Lord and what he Is doing in our lives.

They love to tell me stories and make me laugh, something I really don’t do often enough.  Once my husband told Candy that he would pay her to come to the house and NOT clean, just sit and talk with me because she is such an encouragement to me.  Christy is the same way  We have kids about the same ages and we talk about them and what we are often up against as parents.  Their visits are the highlight of my Tuesdays, and I miss them if something happens and I have to leave while they are here. They’ve known me for about fifteen years now and have seen me at my worst and at my best and have loved me either way.  So thanks so much, Candy and Christy, for being in my life.

6 thoughts on “Candy and Christy

  1. That’s wonderful! I love that these women take the opportunity not just to do their jobs, but to spread a little sunshine as they do. Something most of us could learn from…oh, ok, I mean me!

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  2. Very nice to hear.nI’ve been considering springing for an occasional house cleaner. Might do just that after I gather the motivation to pre-clean my home 🙂

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