So Tired

I’m not sure what’s gong on .  Yesterday I woke up feeling like my legs were made of lead.   I could barely walk around.  I never really woke up, even after a drinking a coke at church.  Bob didn’t go because his allergies were acting up, so it was just me and the kids.  Which was fine, except I couldn’t keep up with them walking into the church after we parked.

I did do a few things around the house but felt very lethargic and sleepy all day.  I finally lay down and went to sleep around three and woke up around four-thirty  I didn’t feel any better for it.  ANd this morning I feel the same way.  I could afford to laze around yesterday, but not this morning.  I’ve got grocery shopping and laundry to do.  The younger girls are going o Vacation Bible school so they will be entertained.  And the oldest goes to work  around nine-thirty.  I’m hoping I can stay awake today   I hope it’s not the depression coming back.  I really don’t need that complicating my life right now.  Maybe I can stay vertical today and get stuff done.  I hope so.


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