At Home

So I have a sick child at home today; she’s sleeping on the couch and trying to watch movies inbetwen naps.  It’s the middle one, the one I took to the doctor last week. We are hoping a day on some strong cough medicine will get her back up to speed and she won’t have to miss any more school.  So that is the hope.

I’m getting information about the classes I begin tomorrow slowly but surely.  So I am not quite sure what will happen tomorrow.  I will sign into the website and see.  He muttered something about getting assignments this week, so I guess we will jump in with both feet.  I am starting to get a little scared in that I just don’t know how intense this will be and how much writing I will be doing for this particular class. Hopefully there will be a syllabus up tomorrow and I can go ahead and see what  we will be doing.

I wrote a bit for the blog I guest at and need to figure out the photo editor and how to send one to her. I HATE PHOTOS AND IMAGES.  I don’t know how to work with them. But I suppose I will learn soon.  Tha’ts going to be part of this new media class so I will hopefully get to be a pro at it before I’m done.

Well,. it’s lunhtime and I will see what I can get together for lunchtime.

Update:  Now that I’ve spent the morning listening to Henry Mancini, Louis Armstrong, and Elvis Presley, I am In a much better mood.   Love my new music!

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