Had a busy day today so late posting.  I interviewed my buddy Mike in Wisconsin today about his work in Holocaust Studies for a class project–I had to do a Q&A interview and did the best I could with it.   If I could go back in time and change several things, one of them would be to take Shorthand from Ms. Ethel Brunt at Ackerman High School.  But I managed the best I could with typing  a and I think it turned out well.  I need to clean it up and reformat it before Sunday.

Soon it will be the second anniversary of my blog–September 25 according to my posting.  I’m proud of what I have done with it.  I have some very loyal readers and others who drop by a little more than occasionally.  What I am trying to do is present a complete picture  of what it is like day to day to live with bipolar disorder.  It’s not as glamourous a life as it sounds, as most of you who read regularly can attest.  I have my ups and my downs.  Bt what I sincerely hope I hae done is somewhere out there, there is someone I have helped make it through the day because I documented how  I made it through the day that day.  That’s all I really want to do with my story at the moment.



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