Went Out

to run errands this morning so that’s why this post is so late today.  I went and got medicine, a cutlery basket for the dishwasher, and put in a piece of my oldest one’s cross stitch work to be framed in time for her birthday.  SO I was busy this morning.  I also need to get something specific at the grocery store for Bob, but I can’t remember what so I am waiting for him to get home for lunch so I can ask him.

My event last Friday went very, very well.  I tried to be as positive and helpful as I could with everything I said, so I hope that came across.   Everyone else seemed to take the same tack so I hope it was a good event for everyone that attended.  I also think I brought a sense of humor to it all with a few comments trying to lighten up the topic of spiritual practice and mental health.

I worked more on my final project for class and think I have a good essay shaping up for the end of it as well as for Creative Nonfiction magazine’s call for submissions.  I’m going to hold off on sending it In to the magazine until after the residency in Columbus so I can have more eyes and ears on it  to make better revisions.  So we will see how that goes.

I am starting to get excited about the class upcoming in Columbus.  I hope nothing goes wrong that I can’t go.  I will be paying for it soon and hope that nothing derails it.





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