Going Well So Far

I managed class well yesterday and as I said had to straighten out my syllabus.  Finished the reading for my W class and absolutely hated the book, structure aside. It was really just awful.  So I finished my discussion questions for it this morning so I’ve been somewhat productive. I have Candy and Christy over today then go see Holly to get my hair colored, then I go  daysshopping.  SO I have a busy day ahead.

I go see Tillie tomorrow to work on my little meltdown. Figure out what happened and see what we can do to keep it from happening again.   Because I don’t ever want to have that happen again.  I do not like living at the mercy of my moods. I just won’t and don’t want to again.

I’m trying to get to where I want to work more on the pockets of chaos in the house. I’m working on finding the motivation and haven’t so far. I’d rather rest or sleep than do that.  But it really does need some serious decluttering.  I’ll get to it one of these days.



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