Well, Now. . .

I got a jolt last night.  My W professor for my class has been fired and the department director is taking over the class here mid-semester.  We have had to submit our papers all over again and will have them regarded by the new professor.  And if I know our program director as well as I think I do, I think our workload is going to increase, not decrease as some  people thought it should.  SIgh.  I thought I had almost everything done.

Gave the last regular test of the semester and had a lot of D’s and high F’s.  I was really disappointed. Even my A student made a low B.  Maybe I need to revise it for next year.   Might have been too hard.

Not much to do today except hopefully register for my class next semester.  I need to talk about what classes are upcoming to plan out what all I want to do.  I was hoping to  have my professor from this year next semester, too, but that’s not going to happen. So far I’ll have one of the core faculty for whichever class out of the two I am trying to choose between.

Hope everyone had a good rest of the week and pray that my W program can get some stability under it through these growing pains.


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