All-Morning Situation

I sent the morning trying to get my youngest her drivers’ license. We never could find her original application for her permit, which meant we had to leave our appointment and go get the new application notarized. So we had to hunt someone up to do that, and none of the banks opened until a half hour from when we got back to town. So we cooled or heels in a bank parking lot until they opened, got the papers signed, and drove back to the DMV. I explained that we ad an appointment at eight but had to leave to get the paperwork completed. She said, “Well, we will honor your appointment,” and put her next in line to be called. So that was nice. But it was just a mess trying to get everything filled out and nailed down before we went, only to be told that we needed one more thing.

I sat down with Bob last night after supper and talked to him about some of the things that had been bothering me lately, like wanting to isolate, passive suicidal ideation, and oversleeping. I see Tillie tomorrow and will talk to her to see if I just need to see Dr. Bishop to alter my meds. I don’t want to go to the hospital again–there’s no magical solution there. Bob gave me a lot of reassurance. I just need my thinking and my meds straightened out. I worked a lot of my thesis tis weekend and dug up some really messy stuff out of my mind, too, so that stuff was bothering me as well,

I need to work on my thesis some more today and then see if I can finish the story I have assigned, I am also hoping Debie will let me do a story on vaccine rollouts in the state facilities for the mentally ill. So we will see what she thinks.

I guess I will sign off and go eat lunch. Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus and that everyone can get vaccinated as soon as possible. Godspeed.

2 thoughts on “All-Morning Situation

  1. It just occurred to me…has either Tillie or Dr. Bishop considered that you might have seasonal affective disorder, since late winter seems to give you so much trouble? I wonder if light therapy during the winters might help?


  2. They have looked into that–mine is a strange variant tat kicks into gear the most as things warm up. My most dangerous periods are February-May. I tried light therapy and never seemed to get any effects at all from it.


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