Slow Day Today

I was a bit of a slug this morning and slept in while the kids went to Vacation Bible School.  So I am wide awake now but rained in for the moment by a downpour like we usually get in Mississippi this time of year.  I’ll have to put off my trip to the library to pick up my books for my first MFA class. But I’ll get them today at some point and start reading.

I sent in my new post for the “Defying Shadows” blog ( about applying for disability.  They sent back that they liked it and it will publish sometime in July.  So that was nice to hear.  I’ll have to do some research for my next one–they want a post on the bipolar spectrum of disorders.  So I’ll start working on that and have it in by my surgery.

I’m starting to get really impatient to have it.  THis constant bleeding is sapping my energy and is just nasty all around.  Plus the lurking fear that they’re going to find something really wrong with me after having the surgery.  I keep telling myself I’m being paranoid because my doctor says there’s nothing else going on that they can see on sonogram or by exam.  So that is helping somewhat.  But not much.


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