Busy day.  Went to DMV with the middle one to get a full driver’s license..  Then went grocery shopping, came home and found another submission notice in my inbox, this time from a group called the ,Gordian Review, forwarded by my professor.  So I sent two pieces in and will work on a the third piece to send in for nonfiction. Hopefully I will hit paydirt somewhere else if I keep sending out.  Then took the small one back to the dentist and to the drug store. So that is the plot so far.  A lot of balls to  juggle in the air.

ANd the middle one is playing in a play tonight and tomorrow.  So very busy she stays–she’s missing indoor percussion and dance practice to do this play.  So we will see how she does tomorrow night when we go.  Right now I have dinner in the oven and the usual dread that I have forgotten something important.

Hope everyone has had a good start to their week!


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