Birthday Prep

I’ve been working hard this morning.  I cooked the cake for tonight,   wrapped all the presents for the weekend for my oldest and middle daughter, went to the grocery store for drinks, and have done laundry. I’m going to wait on my youngest to come in before I start cleaning because most of what needs to be cleaned up belongs to her.  All before lunchtime, too.  SO I feel accomplished and calm so far. I think they will  all their presents and look forward to seeing their faces when they open them.

I have an idea for an article for a big deal magazine, Creative Nonfiction.  Their upcoming issue theme is “joy”.  So I’m going to write about finding joy even when you’re depressed.  I’m going to interview mental health professionals and hopefully a “happiness guru” as well.  I have a request out to Alexandra Stoddard for an interview; I’ve interviewed her before but it was so long ago I doubt she remembers it.  The backup plan is Gretchen Rubin of “The Happiness Project ” fame. I have an email out to her.  SO we will see. I:m really looking forward to trying to do the article and see how it turns out.

I’m listening to really obscure 80’s music right now.  It was upbeat enough for me to get all my work done to and now I am jut finishing it out. Enjoying it.a lot.

Open everyone has a good weekend!


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