I finally finished my book project yesterday and sent it in to a contest for nonfiction manuscripts.  I titled it “Confessions of a Lazy Southern Cook: A Food Memoir”.  I finished up with an article about being thankful for all the blessings God gives us–food, family, etc. and began it with an article about the New Year tradition of cooking blackeyed peas and turnip greens for good fortune.  I talked about birthday cakes, Chinese food, wedding preparations, the entire year of events that I covered in my food column when I was writing it.  It came out to 100 pages without images–with images it would be just a niffy little cookbook I think.  And I can always continue working on it to flesh it out and put in more details, etc. if I decided to use it for my thesis.  So we will see what comes of it.

We’re getting ready to go to Disney World and let the younger girls dance in a parade in Epcot.  We’re packing and trying to get everything together for the drive.  Right now the children are picking out CD’s to listen to on the drive.  Hopefully the vehicle we’re renting has a CD player in it.  We’re also taking books and will hopefully get a lot of reading done.  I’m taking the rest of my scripts for my class and will read them,  then will read some other books I have picked out.  I’ve got everything done for my class that I can do up to this date and have gotten my A for my first paper so I am excited about that.

I have really felt well the past few days.  I’ve been busy and a little stressed but have handled it fine.  It makes me hopeful for the rest of the summer.   I hope this trip goes well–I’m taking along my Xanax just in case.  We’ve been making preparations for it since about January so we’ve really been anticipating it.  We leave Saturday and come back July 4.  I”ll be taking a hiatus from the blog for the trip, but don’t abandon me–take a look back through the archives and see how far I’ve come in the almost-two years I’ve been keeping this blog.  Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of June and goof Fourth of July weekend!


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