Scholarship Opp

Found out that Mississippi State University is sending a group to Brandon High School to interview my middle one and others for the BIG scholarship–one that pays for everything.  So that was exciting news yesterday.   I just pray she gets it and will go there and be happy with her choice.

I finally got into wrapping presents yesterday.  I got all of them done except for a very few.  I sorted out what was going to be Santa gifts and etc.  We will be shopping tomorrow for more  trying to get everyone taken care of.  But Bob has some more days in this schedule open so we can go again if we don’t finish.

I’m so glad to have had good days lately.  It feels so good to feel NORMAL.  I need to get refills today of my meds so that feeling will continue.  It’s just been lovely to be productive and even keel and seeing everything so much more clearly.


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