They cancelled my middle one’s trip yesterday.  She is down about it and I don’t really know what to do to try to make up for it.  WE told her she could have a night with her friends over that were scheduled to go and she is thinking about that.  So we will see.

Mom and dad are supposed to come get my youngest on this morning for a short visit.  I hope that goes well.

I am working on a piece for Ninth Letter about my first hospitalization.  They want work on the theme of “Margins”.  SO I’ll write about a marginalized population–the mentally ill.  I need to expand what I have so far a bit–The full story is too long and the shorter version needs a new opening.  So I hope to work on that this week.

I’m still feeling good–keeping up with most everything and being productive.  The sun is out today even if it is a little chilly, so that is good. Another few weeks and we go on our Atlanta trip with my youngest one’s gifted class.  Next weekend is another dance competition.  But I’m feeling so good I don’t think I’ll need the Xanax.  That is a wonderful feeling.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.



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