I got news yesterday that a short story I wrote, Bass-Ackwards, has been published at  Tiny, tiny little publication but a publication nonetheless.

My middle child is still hurting from her accident; she didn’t feel well at all going to school today, and I have a call in to a doctor about how her ear is still ringing.  But she has to keep going to school for another month to graduate so she can’t miss much more of her work.  But it will all be worth it once she finishes and then goes on to college this summer.  She is so looking forward to this time in her life.

It will be very strange having only one child at home next school year.  Especially as old as Rachel will be.  The last time we  had only one child at home the oldest was three.  So it will be a bit of a different world.

I have an appointment to meet up with a guy looking to sell his recumbent bike. He wants a lot for it, but it’s only half of what he paid for it and he says it’s hardly been ridden because his granddaughter was too small for it when he bought it,  So I see him Friday to see if I can ride it once he’s adjusted it.  So hopefully I can start exercising and lose some of this weight without tripping over into mania.


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