So Now What?

I talked yesterday with my therapist at Psycamore about my conversation with Bob.  I told how upset I was about it and we talked about that.  I have been going over strategies in my mind on how exactly to convey to Bob exactly how upset I was and haven’t found a good one yet. I cried myself to sleep last night with him holding me–I was praying to God to take the hurt away and to make me well and Bob asked what was wrong and I just told him I was praying.  SO he didn’t press.

I just don’t know what to do with my anger and hurt right now. I am trying to do CBT and remind myself of what he actually said and not think about what I took away from it, which is an old shame message back from my childhood.  So that is helping.

At least I am awake this morning. I haven’t let it drive me back to bed.  So that is good.  I am waiting on the bug man to show up and then I will go out to brunch with Jo.  We will have a good time I think.

Hope everyone has a good Mother’s Day!


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