Another Sunday

TOday we had our first LifeGroup meeting since the church closed to services–we used Zoom to all meet up early this morning.  In a move that I don’t think was a coincidence, we are studying Revelation.  Which is a little creepy. But we will roll with it and have a good time talking together from here on out. We also had our church service and that was good as well. It’s so comforting to still be able to corporately worship even though we can’t go to the church building to do it.

Bob and my youngest are putting together a lego set so they are having fun. I’m now staring down a barrel with my essay so I need to finish it today and post it for review.  The good news i I’m halfway through!  The bad news is I need 1,500 words total and I need about 600+ more.  So think about me in that as I go throughout my day.

My MCIR story comes out tomorrow so I am proud of that.  And I will start work on finishing my other story tomorrow. SO there is a plan.  I am working on that plan. I need plans otherwise I will just sleep. SO I’m good so far this week. I miss people but I suppose I will soon be able to see all the people I want during summertime. We will see.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Keep your loved ones lifted up  in prayer so that we all survive this virus.  Godspeed.



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