Dance Recital Tonight

We go to my youngest’s dance recital tonight–then that will be the end of dance until next year. That’s not quite true–she has one event she can go to still and she might but we haven’t nailed it down yet. She will be in four dances tonight–including the first dance and the last dance. So no sneaking out early. It will be okay now that I haven’t had to endure so many competitions and whatnot. So that will be tonight.

Bob has headed out to search for another car. He is going to one dealership this morning and then several more after lunch then one tomorrow after church. Hopefully he will find what he needs and wants. He says he’s not going to buy this weekend–he wants the insurance to process and send him a check before he does that. So we will see.

I’m going without ibuprofen during the day but need them still at night so I can lie comfortably in the bed.

I am having such a hard time doing my work for my articles. I’m just so lacking in motivation. I don’t want to do ANYTHING at all. Money is not motivating me, nor savings, nor recognition, nor importance of stories, nor freedom to write–NOTHING. I don’t understand what is happening.

Pray for me as I try to write today. I have no choice but to do this today. Hope everyone is doing well this weekend. Godspeed.

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